SS's 2008 Debt Free Diary

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  • tigtag02tigtag02 Forumite
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    Well done oh yellow one :grin:

    Sub £13k for the New Year ~ you're gonna crack it before we see another one in :grin:

    MB is MY nut to crack too for this year so watch out for my stoopid questions on the Gambling Board :p
    :heartpuls baby no3 due 16th November :heartpuls
    DFD 16/6/10
    "Shut your gob! Or I'll come round your houses and stamp on all your toys" The ONE, the ONLY, the LEGENDARY Gene Hunt :heart2:
  • malvena_2malvena_2 Forumite
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    Good luck SS. I hope you achieve your goal asap.

    Matched betting :eek: :eek: another thickie here:o
    DFW Nerd no 546
    Official 10k New Years Resolution
    £10k by 31/12/2008
    Earn £10 a day in Jan challenge: Target £310 - So far £184.98
    January Shopping Challenge : Target £50 - Spent £16.05
  • BuffythedebtslayerBuffythedebtslayer Forumite
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    Part of the Furniture 10,000 Posts Name Dropper Photogenic
    OOOOOOOOOOOO a new diary!!! Is excited !!

    I have only been here a few months and yours was the first diary I read! I love it!

    You will be debt free by July so there!

    Nevertheless she persisted.
  • Good luck SS, you are a legend.

    Nearly fit to be a son-in-law ;)
    de do-do-do, de dar-dar-dar ;)
  • Good luck SS, you are a legend.

    Nearly fit to be a son-in-law ;)

    I knew you were after my money! :rolleyes:
  • MissEyreMissEyre Forumite
    650 Posts
    Best of luck for 2008-it's amazing to see how much you have paid off already, so I am sure that this will be your year! I have decided to give matched betting a go, so hoping to be as successful as you at it...
  • Ha ha! Bet you get loads of PMs from us ladeez on your DFDay. Everyone wants a piece of SS!! :kisses:

    I'm sorry, I try not to be smutty but can't help it. So I will say what I was going to add above: Do we get to pick which piece? :rolleyes:

    :silenced:*hangs head in shame* I know, I'm bad. I can't help it. I blame all of you, because really, you can't read as much smut as exists on these boards without it rubbing off on you!! :naughty: And now I'm ruining your lovely new Debt Diary thread, so I'm going to go away and be quiet now!
    1st LBM (Pre-Career Change): 01 March 2006 Debt Free Date: 28 April 2008 | Worst Debt: £7244.36

    2nd LBM: 10 December 2019 Current Debt £25,322 [April 2020] | Worst Debt: £27,444
  • Happy New Year big yellow fella. A tremendous story that I hope will end as soon as possible this year for you. GF
    Debt Apr 06 Huge Debt Now Small in Comparison :D:eek:Debt Free Date March 2011
    Proud to be dealing with my debts DFW Nerd 793:D
  • MolanoleMolanole Forumite
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    Debt-free and Proud!
    SS my friend. You go for it man. Debt freedom in 2008 will be a walk in the park for you after all you've achieved :) I'd planned to try and keep up with you this year on the repaying front but you're streets ahead now so I'll settle for debt free in the same year!!

    You can do it matey :D :j
    Debt Free Nerd No. 89, LBM: April 2006, Debt at highest (Sept 05): £40,939.96
    NOW TOTALLY DEBT FREE!!!!!!!! Woooo hooooooo!!! DEBT FREE DATE: 23 December 2009
  • rubbing off on you!!

    Easy tiger! :cool: :p
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