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Here we are again! :rolleyes:

2008 WILL be my debt free year. It just depends on when. The snowball calculator says December. My head says August. My heart says June. So it will probably be 2009! :p

If I can earn an extra £500 a month my debt free date will be August. I think that's achievable. If I can earn an extra £1,000 a month my debt free date will be June. I don't think thats achievable. But I'm gonna give it a crack anyway! :D

Here is last years diary if anyone cares.

Here is 2006's.

And here is my very first post. :)

OK, my debts. As of today January 1st 2008 they are;

American Express (Limit - £2,900) 4.9% - £1,954.45
Barclaycard (Limit - £1,750) 4.9% - £202.69
Tesco Loan 6.7% - £9,848.61

Total: - £12,005.75

At my lightbulb moment on September 22nd 2005 they were;

Egg (Limit - £8,600) - £2,933.02
Capital One (Limit - £10,300) - £8,093.97
Morgan Stanley (Limit - £2,700) 5.9% - £2,484.27
Tesco (Limit - £4,100) 7.9% - £2,899.54
Tesco Loan 6.7% - £17,857.20

Total: £34,268.00

So here we go! :)


  • hypno06hypno06 Forumite
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    Happy Happy New Year!!!!
    Successful women can still have their feet on the ground. They just wear better shoes. (Maud Van de Venne)
    Life begins at the end of your comfort zone (Neale Donald Walsch)
  • Good luck SS - I hope you reach your debt free target this year!

    December 2007:
    Credit Card - [strike]£1513.93[/strike] £1512.13; Nationwide OD1 - [strike]£1491[/strike] £1350.64; Nationwide OD2 – £520; Nationwide 3 - £200; HSBC Grad OD - [strike]£399.33[/strike] £379.33; Car Loan - £7150; Debt to family - £6000
    Total: £17130.61 :eek:
    Current snowball date: Jan 2014 (seems so long away, I need to get this down!!).

    *Olympic Challenge member 36* Aiming for bronze £1008 - current £150.42
    *Lunch Log Challenge 2008*
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  • penguin83penguin83 Forumite
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    Good Luck for this year SS - just think what it will be like this time next year! x x
    Pay Debt by Xmas 16 - 0/12000
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  • oops_a_daisyoops_a_daisy Forumite
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    Part of the Furniture Name Dropper Combo Breaker Debt-free and Proud!
    Good luck SS - I know you can do it :hello:
    :cool: Official DFW Nerd Club Member #37 Debt free Feb 07 :cool:
  • kiwigirlkiwigirl Forumite
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    This is going to be your year SS - you've done so well since you started and given loads of advice to everyone else and kept others smiling with your witty comments.

  • Good luck SS! How close are you with that Barclaycard! I've got one of those too but I have to get rid of the nasty 29% Virgin Card first as nobody will give me 0% (which I'm quite bitter about, especially Tesco, considering how much I spend in there!) so you'll have to let me know how sweet it is to be rid of!

    Look forward to hearing how you get on! :D
    1st LBM (Pre-Career Change): 01 March 2006 Debt Free Date: 28 April 2008 | Worst Debt: £7244.36

    2nd LBM: 10 December 2019 Current Debt £25,322 [April 2020] | Worst Debt: £27,444
  • spud30spud30 Forumite
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    Good luck for 2008 SS. I'm sure you'll be DF part way through the year :beer:
    Is it better to aim for the stars and hit a tree or aim for a tree and land in its branches :think:
    Loves being a Wonderbra friend :kisses3:
  • wow SS, i've never read your first post before. You have come a very long way!!!

    Good luck for becoming debt free in 2008!
  • MozetteMozette Forumite
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    Well done SS, hope you make it this year!
  • I've just read the first post too, the bit I love is where willsnarf says how much are you reasonably going to be able to clear in 2 years, and quotes about 8k (which, y'know, is a fairly reasonable amount for any person)

    But not superman SS, who cleared about 20k in that time! Rock on!!!
    1st LBM (Pre-Career Change): 01 March 2006 Debt Free Date: 28 April 2008 | Worst Debt: £7244.36

    2nd LBM: 10 December 2019 Current Debt £25,322 [April 2020] | Worst Debt: £27,444
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