Money Moral Dilemma: Should I have got my wife a second Christmas gift, as her first one was free?

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This week's MoneySaver who wants advice asks...

I got my wife a reasonably expensive coat for Christmas, from a well-known department store. I submitted my loyalty card when paying, and was told that I had nothing to pay - the loyalty scheme gives one customer their purchase for free every week in each store. But as I got my wife's present for free, should I have bought her a second one? And should she feel entitled to another present?

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  • bluelad1927
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    Does your wife know you got the coat for free? Is she feeling entitled to another gift
  • Nebbit
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    Surely paying for an extra gift is not within the spirit of 'Money Saving'
  • Maybe get her a little something if your finances are separate. If not, she’ll benefit as well.
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    Not another nonsense MMD.
    Just talk to her.
    Tell her you chose a 'reasonably expensive coat' for your Christmas gift to her and it cost you nothing.
    See what she says.
    FHS - she got a gift.
  • kimwp
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    Does loving someone come with a price tag?
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  • Did you tell her you got the coat free? If you didn’t then just keep quiet and leave things the way they are. You could buy her a little gift later on in the year just because you love her. If you did tell her, her reaction will tell you whether you should buy her another gift or not. But you know your wife whether is materialistic or not so only you can decide whether or not you should buy her an extra gift. 
  • This is almost like asking “if I bought a present with money I won, then does it really count as a present?”.

    In this imagined scenario, the fella has participated in a scheme which allows for a prize to be won when you make a purchase.  The prize is of monetary value equivalent to the item purchased.  Can’t see the issue. Bought a coat and won a prize.  Take the win and carry on worrying about real problems.
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