Vodafone-we want to upgrade you from fttc to fttp



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    What does it say if you put your address into the checker on CityFibres website? 
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    Thanks INILTOUS, your latest post is a good summing up of how i see the current position. 

    FTTP isnt available at my street cab nor is it marked as a priority area and no apprent OR plans.

    Cityfibre website says there are no current plans in place for my area.

    That ,as you suggest, leaves us with VOD offering something that they cant deliver. They just  dont know it yet :)

    When they do know it, they will likely come back, say they are very sorry aand then make some future promises.

    There is no FTTP in my immediate area that im aware of and i doubt they are going to send a crew to install a couple of hundred metres of ducting just for me.

    This whole high speed broadband thing is yet another HM Government mess.

    At my doorstep at the moment i can have;

    Openreach ADSL services
    Virgin Media
    BRSK with their unwanted and ugly telephone poles
    And VODs mythical Cityfibre which isnt likely to arrive

    VOD are being a bit economical with the truth on this one. For a start they say the Government are retiring the old copper cables, they then say on one publication that an OR Eng will need to visit then elsewhere there is a mention of city fibre.

    Maybe Government should have just charged one provider with ultimate responsibility for all upgrades rather than having several network providers all putting kit in to provide services.
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