Pippi's Diary, 2024 edition.....

Hello folks
Back again after a long break to get some focus as I change jobs.....long time no see! 

Off to do a budget! 

I seem to have lost my mojo so starting with the MSE love to find it all again!

Haggis says Hi too.


  • MatyMoo
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    edited 4 January at 1:57PM
    Lovely to see you oh stripey one!

    Hi to Haggis, hope things are going well for the whole family?
    :j Proud Member of Mike's Mob :j
  • Seasidegal58
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    Wonderful to see you back Pippi!  Have missed your posts!😀
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  • MatyMoo said:
    Lovely to see you oh stripey one!

    Hi to Haggis, hope things are going well for the whole family?
    Hello I hope you're well too and the family - Haggis is just back from a beach walk, he's grand although 13 how did that happen? We are OK a few ups and downs, an empty nest now visited by grandbabby no 1 and no 2 on the way any day. 

    Must get back into those MSE ways! 
  • Hello to you too!
    foxgloves said:
    Pippi!!! Hello & welcome back! I think this year feels like a good one, potentially, for people to rediscover their money-saving mojo. I hope you find that yours comes scampering back as enthusiastically as Haggis!
    F x
    I hope it is a good one Foxgloves, so lovely to see you on here too, hope you and yours are fine. I really do need some enthusiasm and a bit of scampering won't go amiss either! xx 

    Seasidegal58 said:
    Wonderful to see you back Pippi!  Have missed your posts!😀

    Seasidegal how wonderful to see you too, hope life is treating you well. I must get back in the swing of all things MSE, just lovely to say hello to you all. x
  • EssexHebridean
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    MRS STRIPES!!!!!!! Welcome back - and for goodness sake it's been a while! Utterly delighted to have you back on here - and I TOLD you folk remembered you, no?! 

    Paging @rtandon27 who I know will want a heads-up on this diary..! 
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  • Cheery_Daff
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    Pippi!!!!! How utterly spiffing to have you back 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊 LOVE your MSE diary 🥰🥰🥰

    Glad you are leaving a vexing job xxx and hopefully the new one will be filled with cheerfulness and frolics and cheese 😁

    Good luck with your NSDs. I am rubbish at those too 😂 Although I seem to have finally mastered the art of meal planning so maybe there's hope for me yet! 😂😂

    * nabs a biscuit* 
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