Ex husband wants to register vehicles to my new address

Thoughts please

just had a text from my ex husband asking if he can register his 4 possibly soon to be 5 vehicles to my address because he lives on a canal boat. I want to say no. im very uncomfortable with being asked. What’s your thoughts, am I being unkind ?
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  • Depends on the relationship and what future you want between the two of you. 

    Personally I wouldnt want debt collectors and court papers turning up at my address for unpaid parking tickets or fines etc. 

    Its not very expensive to rent a mailbox and he has options in terms of if they just hold it for him to collect or open it and scan the contents and email it to him etc.
  • 400ixl
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    The registered keeper address does is not associated with the actual location of the cars. So provided he has a postal address that he uses for things such as bills, insurance etc then he shouldn't need to register them to your address.

    Assume it is only your address he is wanting to use, and not to register them in your name. If both then I would be a hard no as it screams of either trying to get them outside of the reach of debt collectors or some other reason which could just lead to hassle.

    Nothing else of his is registered to your address is it? Bank accounts for example.
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    Thanks for the replies. No nothing joint with me it’s a completely new address. He has a strange attitude to £50 debt when he didn’t send back the s*y tv box when he moved. They said they would get debt collectors involved if he didn’t pay in 10 days and his attitude was I’m not paying it I’ve no fixed abode
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    All sounds a bit odd. Ask him what address he has his bank, insurance etc.. registered to. 
  • Is he wanting to do this for insurance purposes I wonder. Ie will be telling insurance that they are kept at your address?

  • To be fair how can you stop him?
  • TimSynths said:
    To be fair how can you stop him?
    Assuming the logbooks would arrive at the address they could be returned to the DVLA saying that person no longer lives at the address
  • nic_c
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    Why are you not keen, and what happens if/when you say no? 
  • prowla
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    I'd be inclined to say no - the "ex" is the keyword.
    You'd be then committing to handling any mail which arrives to the keeper's registered address, possibly being hassled for any parking issues, having the address noted for finance applications, and so-on.
    5 vehicles is a lot - are they commercial?
  • nic_c said:
    Why are you not keen, and what happens if/when you say no? 
    For all the reasons prowla has mentioned really. I just don’t want him to be in my life like that
    On a mission to be mortgage free asap
    Sept 2023 65,000
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