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What’s the strangest or most expensive item you’ve found or left in a property?



  • A Susie Cooper dinner service, Clarice Cliff milk jug and a black and white photo of a young Sir John Guilgud...I still have all of them 30 years on.
  • Ksw3
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    The hot tub we refused to buy as we didnt want it ...  :(
  • jimbog
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    a pile of toe clippings  in the bedroom
    Gather ye rosebuds while ye may
  • We used to tenant find  for corporate owned flats and found the following

    2 new bottles of expensive perfume plus a lot of other toiletries. 

    A large toy dog which looked new which we donated to a charity raffle plus a large jar of 1p/2p pieces

    The tenants of both those properties had moved abroad with no forwarding address

    In another flat they had left about 20 black bin bags full of old clothes, fortunately we didn’t have to sort them out  :D

    A large bird cage which, judging by the feathers everywhere, used to house a parrot 
  • Best find I've had is a mixed box of original star wars figures (unopened and opened) in a house I was checking over after it was vacated. Gave them to my brother who sold them for a few hundred £. That was 15 years ago, probably worth a load more now. Fortunately, company policy was anything left in the house we had to dispose of or we could keep. I did find a huge Sony TV in a house once but it was broken. Took 2 of us to get it to the tip. 
  • We had an electrician who had to lift floor boards in our dining room and he was shocked to find a single mattress in the void along with a box containing a plate, cutlery and a cup.  There were a couple of old blankets and a tatty pillow too but the funniest thing was a poster of Cliff Richards pinned onto a joist.  We believe the previous very elderly owner must have been hiding someone during the war years.
  • maladict
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    If the fish thing isn't an urban myth it's vile and inexcusable.
    Nastiest thing we found was a battered truncheon hanging from the wall of a flat where all the bedrooms had bolts on the outside of the doors and legitiate businessmen would occasionally call round of an evening looking for the previous owner.  
    Most evocative thing was the rental with a huge storage cupboard full of size ten skirts, size 16 tops, size 10 stacked slingback stilettoes and a stripper pole in the drawing room.  And a pile of unpaid council tax bills and bailiff visitation dates.  Absolutely beautiful flat though.
  • In the attic of our first house, among a nest of empty beer cans, I found a baseball-card type collectible picture, of Madge Bishop from Neighbours. Very odd. 
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