Can a hideous wardrobe be transformed somehow?

Good Afternoon

I have a little used room, with a rather old fashioned fitted wardrobe in. It was fabulous 40 years ago in its hey day, when I first had it fitted.
It is now irritating me somewhat, but it doesnt warrant changing it as I barely ever use the room.
The main offence is having windows in the door , and at one time it had curtains behind it.
Having changed the decor , I have tried putting a bit of cream fabric behind where the old curtains used to be, just to see if its worth having some made.
Sadly its hideous!
Does anyone have recommendations what could be put up behind the glass to make it look a bit better?
Many Thanks


  • Brie
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    Proper curtains behind those windows would help.  Bright coloured or white, depending on your preference, plain, a bit sheer.  Hung on those spring loaded curtain thingmes (called tension wire apparently) so that the fabric is pulled taut from top to bottom.  This will hide what's lurking in the cupboards but look tidy from the outside.  As the fabric is secured both top and bottom there's no problems  when you open the doors.  

    Simple Ways to Hang Curtains with Wire: 12 Steps (with Pictures) (

    That will make the room much tidier looking.  

    And then you can do something about that chandelier!  (sorry but I look at that and I see too much house work..... maybe a simple light fixture with a coloured shade to match the curtains??) Hmmmm Might get rid of that mirror too....
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  • turnitround
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    I had one of those wall to wall robes with the doors and shelving like yours.  This may sound silly but I painted the doors a pale grey (I know, everyone has grey!) then I wallpapered the wall above the shelf and also put the wallpaper on the glass then put plain handles on. Sounds a bit yuk but it did look nice.

    P.S. Keep the chandelier. I have one in my bedroom, lol. 
  • tizerbelle
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    If you don't fancy replacing the curtains, how about some frosted glass film?
  • Eldi_Dos
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    Mirror foil on the inside turn it into two mirrors, change handles and knobs to something on trend and remove the round mirror. Quite a cheap makeover.
  • GoldenOldy
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    Thankyou, some smashing ideas here.
    A few questions if I may?
    How did you put the wallpaper on the glass, just usual paste?
    Also , the mirror foil you speak of, is this easy to do.
    I also think the universal opinion of ‘get rid of the mirror’ is correct, also the chandelier replacement.
    Thankyou, I have gone ‘room blind’ I fear! 

  • GoldenOldy
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    Aha! I have found the mirror foil! Thankyou. I will consider this with the other ideas.
    What colour door knobs are fashionable these days please?
  • Eldi_Dos
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    edited 17 August at 8:25AM
    The mirror foil is quite easy to apply, just need to avoid wrinkles when attaching to glass. Depending on the shape of the glass inside the wardrobe it may help to make a template with tracing paper and cut the foil to shape before applying.

    Door knobs to match your light fitting might work.
  • greensalad
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    Get the doors changed for something more modern.
  • outtatune
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    That round mirror looks exactly like one my mum had in her old house, dating back to the 80s or 90s.
    Why isn't yours now yellow?
  • GoldenOldy
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    Re getting the doors changed that would mean changing the drawers and the top cupboards too, which my be easier to buy a who,e new wardrobe
    I have been playing around abit to see what might work
    Would welcome opinions…I have changed the light fitting as suggested, and have gone rather bold with black.
    I am also trying a lamp with matching shade.
    Have propped up a mirror over the other one , but will get a great big piece of mirror there if you all think i should.
    Finally (please try not to laugh!) follow the black theme , have roughly hung a piece of black material behind the old curtains which were tension wired….I will have them done properly if the concensus is ‘yes’.
    Please see below.
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