Money Moral Dilemma: Should my friends who can't make our whole holiday still pay the full amount?

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 A group of friends and I have booked a holiday apartment for a week. Some are now saying they can't make the whole week, and have asked to pay less. We can't downgrade, as we still need an apartment big enough for all of us, so it'd mean the rest of us paying more. When this has happened to me before, I still paid the full amount. Should I tell my friends they still need to pay in full, or should I agree to pay more, to avoid arguing?

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  • ripongrammargirl
    Not a dilemma at all. If you had booked through an agent they would still have to pay the full price so why should you booking it yourself be any different? They agreed to the whole week and should have planned accordingly. If they now have found something “better” to do, missing out on the whole week, it does not let them off their obligations. Pay up in full- you should not have to pay any more because they change their mind. When will people learn to get payment up front when booking something on behalf of others? Saves loads of problems down the line. Hope you have travel
    insurance as well as that will be the next thing they haven’t organised! Some friends!
  • LAMBS60
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    Are you getting more if you pay more ? No ? Then you don’t pay more . What do the rest of your group who are staying for the whole holiday think ? How much would you lose if you cancelled and rebooked somewhere smaller for those of you who are having the whole holiday ? Final question, what have they got planned , these people who are letting you down ? Note to self , don’t make holiday plans with those ones again 
  • Agent57
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    No. There's nothing to think about. Just no.
  • Kaffiness
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    Yes they should absolutely pay.  I can’t quite believe they’ve got the gumption to ask to pay less.  If they have chosen not to use their bed for the whole week that’s on them not you.  Otherwise they should have arranged their own accommodation and allowed the rest of you to book a smaller, cheaper place. 
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