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Money Moral Dilemma: Should my friends who can't make our whole holiday still pay the full amount?



  • onesixfive
    onesixfive Posts: 487 Forumite
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    Check if those going for the whole duration can have a smaller, cheaper, room. Leave the rest to book their own accommodation. 
  • k_k_k_katy
    k_k_k_katy Posts: 61 Forumite
    First Anniversary First Post
    If the change of arrangements increases the cost to others, then of course they should pay as agreed.  Are they seriously suggesting that others should pay for their altered arrangements?
  • Lilprincessleia
    They are being cheeky asking for a discount and they should pay in full.  They’d already agreed to before the booking was made.  Not your fault they don’t want to stay the full week.  Why should you suffer financially?  If they fall out with you about it, were they really your friends anyway?  Insist on full payment and don’t agree to have any financial arrangement with them ever again.
  • crmism
    crmism Posts: 300 Forumite
    First Anniversary First Post
    Insist that they pay up, as you're not to blame, and then make a mental note not to invite them the next time you book somewhere.
  • tastyfish
    tastyfish Posts: 79 Forumite
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    Everyone committed to the holiday and the apartment. If they can’t now make the whole thing that’s entirely up to them but it shouldn’t be down to the rest to subsidise. How old are they, I wouldn’t expect a mature adult to even consider asking for a discount. Think they need to grow up to be honest!
  • Nadine_Thompson
    Pollycat said:
    They pay the full amount.
    As you say, you need the bigger apartment for when you are all there.
    And consider changing your mean 'friends' when you return from holiday.
    They really aren't friends.
    Very much agreed if your friends are willing to leave you in their debt when they are the ones who have changed their minds then they aren't your friends. However you obviously don't feel comfortable, that's normal ...but it's also normal to realise your not going to get the best out of your friends if make them into people who take the Michael out of people and don't take responsibility for their wrongs. Look at it that way that you are creating a better people and believe in them then it's not so hard to put your foot down, it's beneficial to them more than you X you can do it!!!!!
  • John_L_M
    John_L_M Posts: 19 Forumite
    Photogenic Name Dropper First Anniversary First Post
    "We can't downgrade, as we still need an apartment big enough for all of us, so it'd mean the rest of us paying more."
    That's all she needed to say. 
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