Money Moral Dilemma: Should I share the cash I get selling the hand-me-downs my friend gave me?

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My friend gave me a big bag of clothes her daughter had outgrown. My daughter wore and loved them all, and has now outgrown them herself. My friend said she didn't want them back, so I'm planning on selling them. But should I give her half of the profits? She's not short of cash and doesn't use second-hand selling sites, so wouldn't see I was selling them.  

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  • RichShadwell
    RichShadwell Forumite Posts: 3
    Third Anniversary First Post
    You will have the hassle of advertising the clothes, posting them etc, so keep all money to yourself 
  • elizabethhull
    elizabethhull Forumite Posts: 765
    Part of the Furniture 500 Posts
    I have swapped clothes with friends. gven & received, but I can't, in all honesty, be bothered with selling. Personally, I would be perfectly happy if the recipient made the effort to sell & got something for them.
  • Groom
    Groom Forumite Posts: 48
    Second Anniversary 10 Posts
    Surely you've answered your own question? Your friend gave you the clothes, your daughter wore them, your friend didn't want them back so they are yours to do want you want with. If you feel guilty about it, why not do someone else a good turn by just passing the clothes onto them? 
  • Ed264
    Ed264 Forumite Posts: 80
    10 Posts First Anniversary
    My view is that you should do the decent thing and offer your friend half of the profits, but I suspect she would refuse to accept them.
  • XRAT
    XRAT Forumite Posts: 239
    Part of the Furniture 100 Posts Name Dropper Combo Breaker
    If you were to offer half to your friend, you will probably find they decline to accept as they were unwanted/a gift to you, and because you deserve it for taking the trouble to sell them.
    A friend of ours often recycles our things by selling them. We just can't be bothered, but are grateful they are being reused rather than put in landfill. She is more than welcome to the money, for making the effort.
  • Bonnypitlad
    Bonnypitlad Forumite Posts: 72
    Third Anniversary 10 Posts
    IF you make any profit after deducting postage and packaging costs, offer half to your friend, she probably won’t accept it but will appreciate the gesture 
    Why not find someone with a young daughter and offer the clothes gratis
  • keithyno.1
    keithyno.1 Forumite Posts: 81
    Eighth Anniversary 10 Posts Combo Breaker
    No, don't give your friend half the profits from any sale. She GAVE you the clothes so they're now your property to do what you wish with them.

    There's no dilemma here at all from what I can see.
  • ClaraSais
    ClaraSais Forumite Posts: 10
    First Post Photogenic
    Personally I would donate sone to a charity like HomeStart or Barnardos.
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