How much should I be paying for a new kitchen?

All In Everything inc Fitting/Tiling etc
12 Units top and bottom U Shape
Fitted Dishwasher & Fitted Oven/Top/Microwave
Fridge and Washing Machine are freestanding.


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    How long is a piece of string?
    Assembling units is an easy job.
    What matters is
    price/quality of units and doors

    Do you mean the labour only? Even this will depend on the amount of plumbing and wiring. Not to mention the location.
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    This is, as mentioned above, a real "piece of string question".

    I was certain someone asked the same, open ended question recently.  I have done a quick search but the same thread I was thinking of did not return in the results.  There are some recent threads where people discuss the cost of their kitchens, so these may give the OP some comparison to consider:

    I'm not sure how much help the past threads will be other than to verify that the cost can be anything within a humungous scale.

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    What size is the kitchen?  12 units really doesn't tell us as they could be any size.  Do you mean 12 base and 12 wall units or 12 units in total?  Even with that information it will be next to impossible to give any meaningful costings as every item has a massive range of quality and cost.  Our kitchen is only about 3 metres x 3 metres and we spent about £8k on units, double oven and microwave.  We could easily have spent double that, or half!
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    For my kitchen, bought from IKEA last year, it cost £2200. That's for 3 tall (to ceiling in victorian house), 3 x 80cm drawer units, 1 sink unit, 1 x 60cm drawers, 1 x 80cm door unit and work top. Appliances (induction, double oven, built in fridge freezer) bought elsewhere £900. Tiles £50, flooring £800. Sink/tap £300.

    But, we've spent about £13k in total, as moved doors, windows, removed a wall, new electrics, plumbing, heating, moved a boiler, new plastering, lights, decor. And my husband fitted the kitchen. So, if you are money saving, buy like for like. Or, I'd even look at repainting/replacing doors and/or worktop if cabinets in right place and good condition.

    Whatever you choose, add extra to your budget, there's always something.
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