Money Moral Dilemma: What should I do with the money overpaid for the Christmas party I organised?

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This week's MoneySaver who wants advice asks...

Before Christmas, I organised a party at a restaurant for about 35 people. I paid the bill on my credit card, which worked out at £29.15 each, then most people transferred money to me electronically afterwards. Many rounded up what they owed to £30, meaning I now have an extra £25. But I don't feel right keeping the money, and I'm not sure what to do with it.

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  • El_TorroEl_Torro Forumite
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    I'd probably just keep it. Those who overpaid know they did so. 

    If you really don't want to keep it I suggest donating the £25 to a charity of your choice.
  • BrieBrie Forumite
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    Give it to a food bank.  And let your friends know and thank them for their generosity.  Tell them that you've added an extra £10 for good measure.
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  • hannonlehannonle Forumite
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    Consider it a thank you for the time/effort you went to to organise the party. 
    Use the money in whatever way you wish. 
    Thank you to everyone who posts on the competitions boards. You all rock!
  • bikagabikaga Forumite
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    If it was work (or a club that's bound to get together again), donate it to the deposit for the next party that's being booked. If the group's never going to get together again, it's your organiser's fee. As someone said above, people knew they were overpaying.
  • KplanetKplanet Forumite
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    You could buy lottery tickets or scratch cards and if they win split it with the group. 
  • clarrydclarryd Forumite
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    Go buy £25 worth of lucky dip lotto tickets for the weekend draw, they are making lots of millionaires this weekend so you have a chance of making the over payers rich. If you don’t win at least you tried and you haven’t kept anyone’s money
  • MikeJXEMikeJXE Forumite
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    It sounds like a TIP to me for being a good friend 
  • Flipflop13Flipflop13 Forumite
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    I agree some good suggestions above, if you all work in the same place but some big boxes of chocolates/biscuits and bring them in on Fridays. Put it towards the next party or donate it if it’s really eating at your conscience. 

    The only one I would consider carefully is the lottery/scratchcards as that’s a whole can of worms about sharing winnings which is more awkward than the £25 you originally gained, who paid the extra 85p and who didn’t, if you win more lucky dips and it rolls on and on have you then become a syndicate. I’d stay clear to be honest.
  • Terry10RTerry10R Forumite
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    Hi, send them all an email saying how much each they have due back and suggest it gets given to a charity. Throw it to a vote and I would be very surprised if anyone wants it back.Leaves you with a clear conscience 
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