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Money Moral Dilemma: What should I do with the money overpaid for the Christmas party I organised?

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    Ed264 said:
    You've gone to great trouble organising a party at a restaurant for about 35 people, and paying about £1,000 on your credit card. The least your colleagues/friends could do was round it up to £30, in appreciation of what you did for them. I wouldn't feel awkward at all about keeping your 'tip'. Do what you want with that £25 - treat yourself, put it towards bills, or donate it to charity. It's your choice. Stop beating yourself up over this!
    My sentiments entirely. Anyone who didnt want you to have their 85p wouldnt have rounded it up. Thats like having a meal delivered for £29.15, telling the driver to keep the change, and then thinking he should feel bad because it 'isnt his money'. 

    I think if you shared the 'rounding up' money with them, for a box of biccys or a cake or something if its a group that meets often, you could do that if you wanted, but none of them wanted to organise it, organsing group outings is a right nightmare, i'd for sure feel completely ethical keeping it. Thats what they wanted when they rounded it up, otherwise they'd have typed 29.15 in the amount box, not 30.
    It'd be different if YOU had rounded it up to £30, but you didnt. It was a gift to you, same as your time & effort was a gift to them, enjoy it however you want.

    One thing that occurs to me - you dont want to set a precedent that rounding up money has to be give back or donated or whatever. There may be times when you/other organisers need the money for something - eg to make up for lost interest on £1000, or cover other incidental costs which might be difficult to ask for reimbursement for if its a small amount "can i have 27p from everybody please, because i got charged a fee on my bank' or whatever - would make you look petty..... 
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    put it behind bar at next event ? 
    finances disaster but baby-stepping back to security:

    2021 let's do this !!
    Jan £10 a day 47.50/310
    Jan grocery challenge 18/ 100
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    If your business supports a charity offer it to them 
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    Maybe you should have tipped the restaurant up to £30 each to save the problem?
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    You've gone to some trouble to organise this event for your friends.  They have chosen to round the amount up to £30 when it would have been just as easy for them to pay the correct amount - it's not as if they are paying cash, in which case it would make some sense.  It can't have been their intention to put you to a lot more trouble in paying them back.  Just keep the money and do whatever you like with it, you don't owe it to anyone.  
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