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Money Moral Dilemma: What should I do with the money overpaid for the Christmas party I organised?



  • Ed264
    Ed264 Posts: 110 Forumite
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    You've gone to great trouble organising a party at a restaurant for about 35 people, and paying about £1,000 on your credit card. The least your colleagues/friends could do was round it up to £30, in appreciation of what you did for them. I wouldn't feel awkward at all about keeping your 'tip'. Do what you want with that £25 - treat yourself, put it towards bills, or donate it to charity. It's your choice. Stop beating yourself up over this!
  • Lunabuna3
    I think putting it into a kitty for your next night out to buy the first round of drinks 
  • Poorexgirlfriend192
    Terry10R said:
    Hi, send them all an email saying how much each they have due back and suggest it gets given to a charity. Throw it to a vote and I would be very surprised if anyone wants it back.Leaves you with a clear conscience 
    Yes I agree. Then you’ve been honest. 
    Clara Sais - Vlogger and Mummy
  • REJP
    REJP Posts: 325 Forumite
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    It is your money now.  Do whatever you want to with it.  Honesty does not come into this dilemma, your friends knew they rounded up their payments.
  • Bonnypitlad
    Buy £25 worth of Lottery Tickets and if you win anything share it with all 35 people, otherwise you’ll upset some of the people 
    Bonne Chance
  • PaulaV
    Give it to charity!  obviously!
  • JaneHenery
    You organised the party, you're allowed to keep it. Your labour and head space for organisation isn't free. There's no need for (I assume) female guilt here. But if you have to be a good girl and get rid of it just give it away. No fanfare, no martyrdom, just hand it to someone homeless on the street. Then they can have their own party. 
  • Gosportmum
    If its bothering you that much, donate to charity as previously mentioned and if you feel the need, send an email to your fellow party goers to keep them in the loop.
  • gloriouslyhappy
    It’s only £25, hardly earth shattering. Put it into the office tea club or buy some nice biscuits for Friday teatime. 

    Sorted, no dilemma.
  • Mandylorian
    Unless you really need to keep it, it cost you money to organise the event, or you feel your time should be paid for, I would donate to charity, buy cakes, treats, sweets (if all workers are located together) or put it towards the next social event
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