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Is it the end of daily showers

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MsttyMstty Forumite
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edited 14 January at 11:39AM in Energy
Who has cut back on showers due to the cost either from heating their hot water tank or due to an expensive electric shower?

So here is what we have done three adults.

Our compromise during the energy crises is to not heat the tank once or twice a day. We heat the tank for 1 hour 5am Mon/Wed/Fri/Sat. That takes the temp to around 52-55oC for the Mon/Wed/Fri/Sat showers and for Tue/Thurs/Sun if we want a shower we all accept it will be lower about 30-35oC but still noticeably warmer than the house.

No one has had a bath since the energy crisis started.

Cost for hot water is £2.34 a week or 8kwh(details of our heating and electricity rate I'm signature)

£121.68 a year
Energy Provider Eon Next v18 2 year fixed ends April 2024 29.24p kwh
Energy Used Electricity only. Used 5975kwh in the last year in a 4/5 bedroom detached house EPC high B. Designed not retro-fitted ASHP Mitsubishi Ecodan, under floor heating ground floor, radiators 1st floor. Multi-fuel burner in lounge. 

Energy usage reduction success below 6000kwh a year. Comfortable 19-21oC through winter depending on the room and vaulted ceilings etc.

Dyslexia sufferer don't be too harsh if I get things a bit topsy turdy.


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    SAC2334SAC2334 Forumite
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    I think it may well be back to the days for many who like old Albert Steptoe`s famous line, " I have a bath every Friday whether I need one or not ". 
    I have a middleaged female friend who admitted to me she s switched to once a week bath .
    Personally using my very cheap "mariners shower " where i only have the electric shower actually working for around 40 secs I can keep to a daily shower.  
  • thriftytraceythriftytracey Forumite
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    2 showers per week (washing hair during one of them) and a fortnightly bath (treat now....).  Water for both from combi gas boiler.

    I am retired.  When I was working I had a shower every night.  I would find that hard to give that up now as I always felt grubby after a day at work even though it was sedentary work.
  • CanNeverThinkOfAUsernameCanNeverThinkOfAUsername Forumite
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    I have not had a bath for a few months now. But i do shower every day, tho i admit i have started to shower overnight when the Agile tariff is cheaper.
  • Marvel1Marvel1 Forumite
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    No, still having a daily shower, but maximum 10 mins, from combi boiler.

    Now if I wasn't going out I would skip a day, but when going to work or anywhere else, I will shower.
  • diystarter7diystarter7 Forumite
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    We worry re bills etc, but atm as often in winter its one bath/shower a day. In the summer it can be two a day averaging about 10/12 a week for me. We still user the condemnor drier even in the summer as clothing is softer and as we have not hung clothing outside, inc bedsheets/towels etc, I am worse than Mrs Diy as i see hanging on a washing line, we have one of those round ones, washing hanging out an eyesore. I think you get used to not seeing washing outside. The problem is we have a massive glass wall into to the garden that joins the lounge with the garden so you cant miss the washing

    So we are worried but it will be business as above.

    (OT - the food costs are now as worrying - Tesco online we shop for most of groceries and tin of Heinz beans close to 180p)
  • RavingMadRavingMad Forumite
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    With 2 school kids we want to drum into them the importance of being clean. Daughter has long hair and her showers can take an age but son needs reminding most nights to get washed. It costs 45p in the morning and 40p in the evening to heat but I have the tank temp at 45 so that will have a bearing on price
  • RheumatoidRheumatoid Forumite
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    Back to the days of saving water (now energy) and bathing with a friend?
    16 Panel (250W JASolar) 4kWp, facing 170 degrees, 40 degree slope, Solis Inverter. Installed 29/9/2015 - £4700 (Norfolk Solar Together Scheme); 9.6kWh US2000C Pylontech batteries + Solis Inverter installed 12/4/2022 Year target (PVGIS-CMSAF) = 3880kWh - Installer estimate 3452 kWh:Average over 6 years = 4400 :j
  • Nebulous2Nebulous2 Forumite
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    Electric shower. 8.5kw.  3 minute showers - electric at 19p per kwh, roughly 8p per shower. Not exactly extravagant is it?

    14p at the capped rate, rather than my fix. 

    Though if going to the gym I generally miss my morning shower and shower after I've finished. 
  • matelodavematelodave Forumite
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    Hot water tank heated by heatpump to 45 degrees for approx 1 hour per day in the winter and every other day in the summer. The shower mixer has an eco shower head which delivers 6lpm.

    It takes me less than 2 minutes = 12 litres and my wife takes 3-4 mins = around 20 litres. Its been quite a few years since either of us has had a bath as we don't have one in our bungalow.
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