Energy Price Cap announcement: Watch Martin Lewis explain what it means for your electricity and gas bills this winter

Debt free and staying that way while I re-evaluate life and keep blood sugar levels down

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    Do people use credit cards rather than debit for cash back etc or because they don’t have to think about how much is in the account and is it enough to cover the spend? In other words buying time to work out if it is affordable? 
    Well it certainly is harder to keep track when you have a current account, DD’s coming out at various times and then a CC (and CC’s take a few days to show up spending). It’s more difficult to work out how much money you actually have. If it comes off a debit card you can see immediately.
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     (I'm on the cusp of reversing type 2 diabetes) 
    This bit jumped out at me as I was reading and I just wanted to wish you well in your endeavours. I reversed mine (I got my HbA1c of 94 down to 34) 3 months after diagnosis and am now officially ‘in remission’ - it was hard, particularly the first 3 months, but the results are so worth it 🙂  
    Thanks so much: 120 down to 45 here.  I must say, not having a sweet tooth (I happily gum down unsweetened rhubarb!) really helps.  I've also discovered the world beyond carbs. I hope in a few days' time my results will sit firmly in the remission bracket; currently pre-diabetic.  Really appreciate your encouragement and comments.  Love Humdinger xx 
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    Totally with you on the carbs 👍🏻 
    All the best 🤞🏻

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