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Tyre pressure measurement

edited 22 September 2022 at 8:53PM in Motoring
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  • IceweaselIceweasel Forumite
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    Maybe things would be better if we re-calibrated the inch every time we had a new Monarch, as it was originally the length of the King's thumb. Have you seen Charlie's hands?
  • facadefacade Forumite
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    Iceweasel said:

    As for fuel consumption - I find that litres/100km is so much more sensible than miles/gallon.

    I don't really.

    Always known that more miles/gallon is better so it is counter-intuitive to me to talk about litres/100km or kWh/mile where less is better.

    That's because they are inverse things- litres/100km is consumption, miles per gallon is economy (1/consumption).

    Economy is what we understand, so we ought to use miles per litre,or even miles per 10 litres might work.

    My car does about 8 miles per litre, so I walk or cycle if I can!
    I want to go back to The Olden Days, when every single thing that I can think of was better.....

    (except air quality and Medical Science ;))
  • Mutton_GeoffMutton_Geoff Forumite
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    In the aviation world, fuel is loaded in litres (or US Gallons) but converted to kilograms depending on the SG (specific gravity) on the day. Temperature is in Celsius or Fahrenheit, aircraft speed in knots (nautical miles per hour), wind speed in knots (or meters per second in some countries), height/altitude in feet or meters depending on country, altimeter settings in hectopascals in much of the world, inches of mercury in the USA and mm of mercury in some other countries. Climb and descent rates in feet per minute. Visibility in meters (feet and miles in USA).

    Easy to get confused as the Gimli Glider pilots found.
    Still puzzled after 17 years on MSE why people sign up and post to find solutions to problems they could have easily avoided by searching the forums in the first place.WD40 is not a panacea or lubricant. Stop spraying it everywhere!
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    fred990fred990 Forumite
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    edited 28 September 2022 at 5:48PM
    Jenni_D said:
    I got a notification that a "fred" had posted in this thread, but the post no longer exists. I wonder what nonsense was being spouted? :) 
    Jenni_D said:
    And to circle back to (part of) the original question ... tyre pressures should be as per the tyre manufacturer recommendations, not necessarily what's printed in a handbook or on a wheel arch. ;) 

    LOL...."nonsense"... provided....🤣🤣
    Funnily, i've been pondering a small Caddy sized van to facilitate a side project i'm going to work on. I havent seen much movement yet, but in theory markets like pickups and vans are likely to be hit by the upcoming downturn.
    Would be interesting to hear if anyone has direct experience?

    Why? So you can argue with them?
  • Jenni_DJenni_D Forumite
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    So you're admitting it was you who spouted nonsense in the EV thread then deleted your post? (I didn't identify anyone specifically). ;) 
    Jenni x
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