Regret dating event



  • london21
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    sim2335 said:

    I went to a dating event, where you just mingle with others 

    I’ve been two a few others recently  and it’s rare for me to find someone I want to get number

    I talk to somone, but should have got her number and didn’t because

    She looked much better then me, seemed popular, (even though was down to earth)has her own property, and is more educated (primary school teacher)then me.

    Me I don’t like my job and don’t have a property.

    Thought she was out of my leauge and nervours about asking about number, i regreat not asking now., as I hardley meet people at events I want number of.

    Nothing may have happend but at least I would have tried, that’s reason I was there.

    Also thought if we met again what elese can we talk about, could have found things 

    Is it worth messaging, the orginse, but they would say why didn’t you just ask their and seem weird if they message girl too.

    Do not dwell on the past.

    Move on, and learn for next time.

    Do not be harsh on yourself, work on loving yourself first and achieving the goals and plans you want to for yourself.

  • Scorpio33
    The best advice anyone gave me is that you will only find your "true love" when you love yourself and are happy in yourself and being alone.

    Seriously, stop obsessing over finding someone and go to these events with an open mind - it may happen, but if it doesn't, you are happy on your own, so nothing lost.

    This constant dwelling on what ifs only serves to make your miserable. 
  • KxMx
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    edited 12 September 2022 at 10:35AM
    I'm very happy with my life - in fact I'm the happiest I've ever been, after a 4.5 stone (and counting) weight loss my self confidence is sky high, I have many fufilling activities including my dream volunteer role which is even better than I imagined, I keep as busy as my health will allow, I absolutely love living alone and wouldn't change that, but I am unhappy being single and alone from that angle, there is nothing wrong in that.

    Personally not really looking for marraige and children aren't possible for me, a part time relationship /friends with benefits situation would be perfect.

    It's great there are others who are happy alone but that doesn't mean everyone is, or should be.
    It's very normal in fact to not want to be alone!
  • tightauldgit
    Here's a better idea.
    Swap names and numbers with all the girls you speak with, then afterwards you can decide whether to follow it up.

    For now, put this one aside as it will prevent another stepping into your life.
    This is actually pretty good advice. Just ask everyone for their number - that way you don't have to stress about whether you will or won't or whether they will or won't, it's good practice and either way it's a win, you might be surprised by how many numbers you get and if not then it's practice in rejection and you haven't lost anything. 

    Mentally it's probably an easier place to be to say 'im going to ask everyone and see what happens' than making a big deal of asking THE ONE. 
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