Regret dating event

I went to a dating event, where you just mingle with others 

I’ve been two a few others recently  and it’s rare for me to find someone I want to get number

I talk to somone, but should have got her number and didn’t because

She looked much better then me, seemed popular, (even though was down to earth)has her own property, and is more educated (primary school teacher)then me.

Me I don’t like my job and don’t have a property.

Thought she was out of my leauge and nervours about asking about number, i regreat not asking now., as I hardley meet people at events I want number of.

Nothing may have happend but at least I would have tried, that’s reason I was there.

Also thought if we met again what elese can we talk about, could have found things 

Is it worth messaging, the orginse, but they would say why didn’t you just ask their and seem weird if they message girl too.



  • Penguin_
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    Do you know her name? Would it be possible to find her on social media? If so you could drop her a message & go from there?
  • sim2335
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    Yes I know her name first name only, no way to find her very common name.

    I’m 35 and making basic errors like this, on top I’m finding it so hard to find someone, then when I do I don’t even take number.

    There was 4 years age diffence also  we lived in same city, so easy to see them.

  • rach_k
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    Sorry you're regretting it - it's horrible when you're thinking over the what ifs!

    Would it help to remember that she could have asked you for your number if she wanted it?  Either she was nervous too and may be regretting it like you do, or possibly she wasn't interested.  If she was interested, what do you think she'll do?  Maybe go to the next event?  You could try that and then you'll both be there.  Then you'll know it was meant to be!  

  • sim2335
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    edited 7 September 2022 at 10:39AM
    Should I message the orginser, too pass on my details?, they will have her details from when she signed up as I know her name.

    she could have yep, but I should have at least tried.

    What if it was meant to be and I didn’t take my chance

    that helps also she would come next event thinking hope I meet him again.
  • macman
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    This isn't an issue anyone can advise you on. If you want to make contact with her, you can contact the organiser and ask if they can pass on a message. They may or may not be willing to do this, it's their rules.
    If they don't, you have lost nothing but your time.
    No free lunch, and no free laptop ;)
  • What's the worst that could happen if you do contact the organisers?
    they don't pass on your number.
    but what if they do ?
    she doesn't respond?
    but what if she does?

  • sim2335
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    Update message sent to orginser
  • pinkshoes
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    Emailing the organiser is a good step.

    Also, and don't take this the wrong way, but you need to work on your own confidence. 

    She looked better than you? Owns a property? More educated?? Why are you judging someone on these things?!

    Things like this are irrelevant in relationships. Looks are subjective. 

    What's important is that you get on, enjoy each others company and agree on important things (Money, kids, morals etc...).

    Should've = Should HAVE (not 'of')
    Would've = Would HAVE (not 'of')

    No, I am not perfect, but yes I do judge people on their use of basic English language. If you didn't know the above, then learn it! (If English is your second language, then you are forgiven!)
  • Alanp
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    Faint heart never won fair lady…..
  • Have you tried speed dating? I only ask as I had issues approaching ladies, and with speed dating that takes it away. Also, you usually put who you want to see after online and the numbers are swapped online if you both want to meet further.

    It is how I met my current girlfriend and we are still together (and now living together) after 3 years.
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