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Anyone planning ahead?



  • timehastoldme
    I really want to do more with beans than throw them in a chilli. Do you have any recommendations if you don't mind @PipneyJane?
  • PipneyJane
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    I really want to do more with beans than throw them in a chilli. Do you have any recommendations if you don't mind @PipneyJane?
    Apologies for the delay in responding @timehastoldme.  There are thousands of recipes using dried beans.  If you want to stick to kidney beans, I’d suggest Googling a recipe for Rajma, which is a bean curry.  (Sorry, I have lost my recipe.  It came off the back of a bag of dried kidney beans.)

    Her is my recipe for  Mexican Refried Beans:  fry a chopped onion together with three large cloves of garlic, crushed.  Once soft, sprinkle over a teaspoon of ground chilli and fry for a couple of seconds, until the aroma rises.  Immediately pour over 2 tins of cooked kidney beans (undrained) and stir in well.  Crumble over a beef stock cube and simmer until the beans are very soft and mushy.  Remove from heat and mush them up further with a potato masher.  

    To serve:  you need 4 flour tortillas and 4 slices of extra mature cheddar.  Put a slice of cheese into the centre of each tortilla, then dollop over a quarter of the beans.  Roll up and zap in the microwave for about a minute, or until the cheese has melted.  Serve with salad.
    - Pip
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  • markin
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    -taff said:
    ariarnia said:
    not so much planning ahead as trying to avoid a short term fix. anyone know where you can get a good old fashioned line prop? one with a metal cap at the bottom to stop the rot? 

    i've bought a couple of thin metal adjustable ones from the market but they've both bent/snapped within a couple of months. we can buy a long length of wood, but its untreated pine so i think it'll just warp and bend even if we give it a couple of coats of preservative. 
    My father made one out of length of untreated wood, just cut a v shape in the top. It's still going strong thirty years later with a bit of rotting at the end. It will warp probably but it doesn't have to be straight, just be able to hold the line up. Once you've hit the spot of tension,it wont fall down. Make get some thin tin from somewhere and nail a square to the bottom.

    I just banged a galvanized nail on the bottom so its off the ground an inch, In soft grass you may want 4 with big heads, if it rots just pull them out and trim an inch off.

    Insulate, even if its just over your bedroom, And if you have the time and money do the floors, And insulated plasterboard.
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