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Anyone planning ahead?



  • maryb
    maryb Posts: 4,666 Forumite
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    Another one here with a bit of wood with a notch in the top.  It has lasted longer than any of the purpose made props I have had.  Only problem is making sure DH doesn’t use it when he needs to cut a bit of 1 by 2 for some project or other
    It doesn't matter if you are a glass half full or half empty sort of person. Keep it topped up! Cheers!
  • Floss
    Floss Posts: 8,372 Forumite
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    edited 31 May 2022 at 8:49PM
    When we cleared my mum's home in 2005 we skipped the clothes prop that was older than me, made by my dad when they moved into a new home in 1961. There were 2 when there were 4 kids at home but the other succumbed to a bit of DIY in the early 80s!
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  • Gin_and_Milk
    Gin_and_Milk Posts: 399 Forumite
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    Thanks again for your replies.  I did have some thermals, but they no longer fit, so I'll be stocking up at some point.
    I think fingerless gloves will definitely come in handy, as the room I sometimes work from doesn't have any insulation, and I'm like Bob Cratchit in there when it's cold.
    I do have some long moccasin boot type slippers, they're nice, but as they're a bit like socks there isn't much of a sole, so don't really keep my feet that warm.  I just like them because they're a bit like boots, but I think I'm going to invest in a proper pair of boot slippers.  I just usually buy some for a fiver at the supermarket, but they never last very long.
    I'm still wrapping myself up in the fleecy blanket I bought at Christmas (even though it's now June).  It's so toasty, but makes me feel really sleepy too lol!
  • bouicca21
    bouicca21 Posts: 6,529 Forumite
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    My flat never gets as cold as the ice on the windows houses of my youth, but I find that wfh definitely requires good quality fleecy slippers.  
    I have a fleecy blanket that I bought in Lidl many years ago that I lay over the duvet during the winter months and when it’s extra cold I go to bed with  a fleecy jacket that M&S sold as as a ‘cardigown’.  
    I also have a couple of loose big cardigans for use as an extra layer during the day.  They are getting old so I’m on the lookout for another, but haven’t seen the right thing yet.
  • Mojisola
    Mojisola Posts: 35,559 Forumite
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    We bought a spin dryer last autumn - it's been a boon over the winter.
    With stuff that doesn't matter if it's creased, it comes out almost dry; other items still get a lot of the moisture taken out of them - reduces drying time (whether in the house or on the line) and cuts down on the moisture levels in the house over the winter.
  • YorksLass
    YorksLass Posts: 1,732 Forumite
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    I have a Servis spin dryer bought many, many years ago (must be 40 years old), still in good working order and I'm so glad I had the foresight to keep it.  It still gets used for hand-wash items rather than using the spin facility on the washing machine and it's more than paid for itself.   :)
    Be kind to others and to yourself too.
  • Gin_and_Milk
    Gin_and_Milk Posts: 399 Forumite
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    @PipneyJane - Blimey!  It's been a long time since I used a launderette, have no idea what I paid.  I was thinking of washing my stuff at home, then going there to use their dryers, it's only a few minutes in the car.
    I was just thinking of using it for things like towels, bedding, jeans etc, stuff that doesn't dry easily at home.
    Thanks for the link btw :-)
  • Gin_and_Milk
    Gin_and_Milk Posts: 399 Forumite
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    Random question, but it's money saving so it's relevant!  Do any of you buy dried pulses?  I know it can work out a lot cheaper (and there are some Asian mini markets near us, so cheaper still).  I know soaking can be a bit of a pain, but do any of you soak then freeze for later?  I'm going to stick with tinned kidney beans, was thinking more along the lines of chick peas etc.
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