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NST  May Challenge (Short Version with the list of Contenders)


A Little Neglect May Breed Great Mischief  - this is the title of the poem we all know 'For want of a Nail'

MISCHIEF Definitions - playful 'troublemaking', playful misbehaviour. Reckless or malicious behaviour that causes discomfort or annoyance in others
Well why would we want to do that?  I was drawn to the Shakespearean use of mischief and the ancient traditions surrounding May Day. A quick search threw up a theatre group, 2 links to magical role playing games, dozens of alliterative headlines and  one conspiracy theorist (decided not to go down that particular rabbit hole). The turtle ethos is all about swimming against the mainstream and every now and then it does no harm to shake things up (NSK told us we weren't 'normal' in her August legacy).
Make the Most of This Life and Live for Yourself
You can Do Anything You Want 

So this month's Challenge has 2 aims:
1)   Working out what you want - Your VALUES, Your DREAMS, Your LIFE
2)   Help and suggestions for coping in Difficult Times - When things go WRONG, When you're STUCK not making progress or just OVERWHELMED by life.

M   Make the most of your life and live for Yourself. 
Spend 5 - 10 minutes writing down your dreams (doesn't have to be right now but try to do it before Sunday, don't worry if you don't manage it, do it when you can). Imagine (suspend reality for 5 minutes) no limits - time energy, money, people you live with. If you want (if that's what you are struggling with atm) write down your worries, your fears, things that are stopping you, the ever expanding to do list (the Revolution will take place this Wednesday provided everyone's taken their library books back and finished the jumper they were knitting). Don't worry if you're still there an hour later and on your 10th page - it counts as therapy. This is your mountain or elephant.

I   Identify 3 things on the list that are most in need of attention. If you have modest needs and attainable goals (even if it involves endless plodding) think about accelerating your progress or adding something extra (more fun, something that seems superficial or frivolous but might bring great happiness). If your wildest dreams are pure fantasy (you aren't going to grow 6", lose 3 stone or 20 years overnight or be plucked from your dull existence to live a life of luxury on a millionaire's yacht) glean the nuggets that represent your true desires, whittle them down (you can lose weight, you can work on a bad relationship or choose to leave, you might want to live on a canal boat) and set some SMART Goals. Break it down into small steps (eat the elephant one bite at a time). If worries dominate your list you might find it helpful to examine them one at a time to see which wither in the cold light of day (our busy brains use any spare capacity to think up disasters to protect us from). Divide a massive to do list into sections (by rooms, by urgency, by things that you can do something about) and leave your mind free.

S   Spend Free Days - aim for 16, easy target - previous best + 1

C   CHALLENGE runs throughout May. Challenges are based around BUDGETS which should be set before the month starts whenever possible. Food, Travel, socialising, Personal Spends, any birthdays or other significant events. Set amounts and do your best to stick to them. Do you need to allow for future cost of living increases or downsize or make other changes now.

H   Health needs to be a priority (Mental, Physical. Spiritual ).  5 Minute mental health check - How am I feeling?, Am I hydrated enough?, Have I had good enough sleep?, Have I eaten regularly and healthily?, Have my muscles been stretched?, Have I been nice to myself and others? (repeat daily/ weekly/ monthly depending on your response). Short cut - Moisturise - if you use body lotion once a week you'll notice any slight injuries (cuts and bruises) or things that need attention (can include breast exam if you want)

I   Improve Find ways to make things better or stop them getting worse. I don't have much money atm but I've started putting £2 coins in my £2 Toucan and bits of change in my penny tin. Every time I take something to put it in the bin, I grab a handful of bits from wherever they were left. Tiny steps but I'm going to the bin anyway, I'll pick up things on the way.

E   Exercise 4 x30 minutes a week (those with injuries are exempt). Try to include more exercise in your daily routine.

F   Fun. Whacky holidays will be given - use them to help with your meal planning, jot down anything that might work as a theme in the long holidays, laugh at the more ridiculous ones and be inspired. we all need more FUN in our lives.

A   Attitude - A positive mental attitude means looking for the good in every situation. You need not be positive or happy all the time, all emotions are equally valid.

N   No Coffee shops, takeaways, pie shops, vending machines or work canteens (unless heavily subsidised). Make you own meals from scratch (when you can), take your own lunch to work, snacks and drink for appointments, picnics for days out. Make a list of easy meals (include Martin's 'something on toast once a week') and try to have things in the freezer for busy (or CBA) days. 

D   Debt or Savings should be paid first, live on what is left. Look for opportunities to make extra money.

M   Maintenance - look over your house to check for any tasks that need doing.   (List available but it's long and American - I've dusted the back of my freezer but never inspected the coil). If you have a messy house, have been decluttering ,or have health issues I'll be including tips to help maintain the house whilst coping with pain or illness.

A   Alternative solutions, different ways of looking at problems, different ways of looking/doing/ seeing/ being. Change is frightening, especially when our own bodies show signs of wear and tear, I'm constantly having to find new ways to do things.

Y   Your Relationships - with friends, family and the wider world. Listen, hug, in some cases let go.

H   Help Others - In Need food and fuel poverty are rising, in Deed - do a good deed for someone and ask them to pas it on, Be kind.

E   Energy - we all have limits, We need to simplify, organise, delegate  (more on this later)

M   Motivational Monday (look out for quotes, tips and jokes). We will also be adopting Self-Care Sunday (other days are available or you can make up your own - another thread I'm on has Frog Friday).

So who wants to join me on our next roller coaster ride?

My mission in life is not only to survive,but to thrive and to do so with some Passion, some Compassion, some Humour and some Style.
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