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NST April 2022: April opportunities


NST April 2022: April opportunities

Welcome to the new NST (Ninja Saving Turtles) challenge! NSTs are a group of Money Saving challengers from across the UK and beyond, who are always up for new money saving challenges, fighting our way to debt freedom, sharing tips and new money saving discoveries, general chat, support and good banter! This challenge is open to everyone- so please join us.

MMM (MrMoneyMustache)says: If you are one of the 99% of people who is forced to live with only a finite amount of money, you should probably give some thought to how that money is spent. You can buy things, like cars and mobile phone plans for your kids, or you can buy freedom, in the form of paying off your debts, saving most of what you earn, and soon being able to choose your own work schedule or even retire early.

April 2022 is about spotting and creating opportunities; seeking and grabbing hold of freedom. And on the 30th, take a moment to look back at the month and see how far you have come.


Apply yourself to yourself. Look after YOU first. What do you need? Alone time? Meditation? Exercise? Healthy food? To be with people you love? To be challenged? Moisturiser?

Avoid unnecessary spends. Consider everything. Also avoid expensive coffee shops, vending machines, corner shops (unless this prevents a supermarket visit with its myriad of temptation)

Pay to debt/savings first and live off the rest. And keep track of what you are spending. Especially if you are affected by the school holidays – 2 weeks of them this month.

Plan ahead: look first at April and at what you are expecting from the month and how it affects your budget. Birthdays/ outings/ Easter/ school holidays/ bills/ new clothes or footwear/ travel…. Then look at the summer months. Then stretch it out to that celebration in December – can you pare this back and create some new traditions like no-present pacts? Or at least be sure that you are saving up for it.

Prepare for next winter. Rising fuel prices are hitting us all and impacting every aspect of our lives. How can you live in a more energy-efficient way? What changes do you need to make to your house in time for next winter?

Remember those who are struggling, who are worse off than you. You might be too stretched yourself to give time, money or donations. But kindness is free to spread around liberally.

Report in every day. The daily support from this thread will keep you on track

Identify the things you do well and celebrate them.

Invest in yourself, your family, your home - the things that really matter to you.

Income vs outgoings. Finances are why we are on this thread. Whatever our circumstances financially, there are always tweaks to be made. Budget every penny for the month ahead and write down every single spend to see how well you keep to your plan

Lose one bad habit.

Live the sort of life you want to have. Maybe it’s my age, but I’m harking after being a surfer dude. Strong, relaxed, balanced, contented, supple, chilled, enjoying life, fulfilled and not worrying about my hair! (I don’t surf, can’t see too well without my glasses, live nowhere near the sea…but I still want it!)

Important info:

The challenge runs for the whole of April.

NSDs = 16 (No Spend Days) If you have purchases that are all "yellow sticker" purchases then this is classed as an NSD. (Medical needs are exempt - can't have you all keeling over now can we. And travel expenses – don’t want you stranded.)

Gratitudes = 3 each day please

Who is with me?

NST March lion #8; NSD ; MFW9/3/23 Whoop Whoop!!!


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