Money Moral Dilemma: Is it OK to claim free food to feed my guinea pigs?



  • lakesider52
    Absolutely not. You should not have children or pets unless you can afford to raise them without recourse to the state or charity.
  • Redleela
    Yes it's fine to use food waste apps.

    But there may be an easier way to regularly get free greens for your pets. Ask your neighbours, or on local community groups e.g. local Facebook Groups, buy nothing groups. Someone might have vegetable peelings etc. that they would be happy to donate to you as a one off, or on a regular basis.
  • shirleyamj
    I agree with Katecooks, there is a difference between food sharing apps and food banks. If your getting it from the first, then why not. It's about not wasting food. 
  • yksi
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    Oh my god, PLEASE do it. Salads nearly always go in the bin. I am a food waste hero for Olio and if you could watch the amount of food I am forced to waste you would not even hesitate.

    To anyone who tried to tell you not to, SHAME ON YOU. You're the reason people are embarrassed to take free food.
  • tain
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    Can you speak to the people donating on apps like Olio? 

    Simply tell them it's for your pet. Set parameters with them - eg if no one else has nabbed it by 7pm, you'll take it so it isn't wasted.

    But don't do it just to save a buck. You shouldn't be trying to save money by taking from others don't have money to save. 
  • kerri_gt
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    Yes if course it's ok. The pigs need feeding and if it means you have a couple of quid towards other expenses, great.

    We waste so much food in this country its unbelievable. Olio and other free / reduce waste sites are great, and even if you have been given a food bank voucher (given you can't just rock up at them) ask if they have any left over or iffy salad or veg you could use for the guinea pigs. Even if you don't use a food bank, you could contact them and say if there's anything left over at the end of the day that would be binned, could you collect it for your guinea pigs. Our local community fridge gives left over veg to a person for her (not guinea) pigs to stop it going to waste.
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  • REJP
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    I can't believe this is a real dilemma.
  • [Deleted User]
    Is it possible to get salad when it is too old for human consumption but still suitable for the guinea pigs?

    Exactly this. If the salad is passed it’s use by date it can’t be offered for human consumption but is ok for animal food. What’s the alternative, it gets thrown away!  It’s an app to prevent food waste, not a food bank!
  • gothvixen
    If you are doing this simply because prices are rising, then no. Free food is there for people who can't manage to feed themselves and their families, not those who think things are a bit expensive.
  • JayD
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    If you let it be known you are looking for guinea pig food I am sure a lot of places have outer leaves of cauliflowers, carrot tops etc and you could find a source of food that would not otherwise be eaten by humans.

    Yes, I much prefer that you do this - you might be depriving someone else who needs that lettuce by taking it for your pets. Most greengrocers, and possibly grocery departments in supermarkets would be willing to give you those salad items that would otherwise be thrown out. My local Spa told me to go round the back and help myself to the green grocery waste that was put there. Those items would only be wasted - whereas the food sharing app you want to use does its best to ensure that northing put on there is.
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