Money Moral Dilemma: Is it OK to claim free food to feed my guinea pigs?



  • terributtons
    Of course it is OK. If you are struggling money wise it does not matter that you are giving it to them as it is saving you money which you can spend on food, bills, or whatever. 

    I cannot believe the first comment from Jakey1, assuming it was a joke - this is NOT funny. If not meant as a joke - he is a pig (I would like to use a much stronger word but know it is not allowed here)..  
  • _nate
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    The Guinea Pigs probably make you happy and need feeding anyway. I can't see the harm. I agree with others that the food is not being wasted this way. An alternative way of framing the question is should you kill the Guinea Pigs because some people lack food? I don't think you should.
  • newcook
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    Hi all! It's been a very long time since I last posted but felt I had  to answer after chuckling at the question 😂.

    If you're going to eat the majority of the vegetables then it's fine to take the freebie - I've got 2 little Guinea pigs myself (well, they're actually my 5 year old daughters but I'm the 1 who gets to clean them out regularly, feeds/waters them etc lol) - Sunday is their favourite day as they get all the trimmings of the veg as it's being prepped - sprout/carrot/parsnip tops etc, along with 'pudding' of assortment of fruits if I'm doing a crumble!
    Along with their normal dry food they will usually have whatever leftover salad I've got - or its grass from the garden (and occasionally neighbours garden if theirs looks lush)

    However, if it's purely to feed your pets it's not ok whether its 1 or 20 piggies - if you can't afford to feed them it may be kinder to rehome them.
    Leave the veg for a family that need to make their meals go a bit further and get a bit more nutrition in their diet.

    110% that is fine , in fact it’s a great idea I and I might use it myself, as there is enough food banks ect for people Around , not only that people that don’t really need to use food banks still use them and put other people out so why is that worse for someone to feed there Guinea pigs. I think it’s a great idea and I will be using it. So carry on, less food waste and your pigs get to eat it’s a win win in my eyes
  • Threebabes
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    Yes, definitely animals need to eat too.
  • squirrel59
    Don't listen to those people who are being (sometimes shockingly) horrible here. Yes, of course it's ok! Guinea pigs are living beings too and as such fully entitled to our protection and care, not to mention love. But, as someone else suggested, give something back when you can, in whatever way. Life is about keeping the balance. You take some, you give some.
  • Kiama
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    Using a food bank would seem "less ok" as the foods donated are to support those that are struggling - although some people do in fact abuse the food banks.

    But using an app designed to avoid food waste is fine - those are for anyone to use and are solely to avoid food waste.
  • abdam
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    This is fine. People moan free food should be for human consumption. If people aren't claiming it then it's going to waste. Even for humans. We don't live in a County where salad is the end all and be all as there are food banks and other support if needed. The apps there to save money and stop food going to waste that's exactly what you are doing.
  • benedictadams
    the food sharing apps like Olio round here some of the food goes really quickly so not sure if that shows there is a need or just that the people sharing just tend to give it to first come first served

    If it was me I would be saying to the person i was requesting the salad from that the salad was being used for the guinea pigs
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