Money Moral Dilemma: Should I ask my gran for a new birthday cheque?

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  • gajonesgajones Forumite
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    Keep the cheque and frame it, will always give you a smile when you look at it.
  • AngGerAngGer Forumite
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    No, please do not ask your Gran for a New Cheque, you have already said she's in her 90's and doesn't have a lot of money.
    If it were me, I'd casually bring it up in a future conversation to see how she reacts and take it from there.
  • rosie-in-the-gardenrosie-in-the-garden Forumite
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    With the age your gran is at, bless her, and you being such a kind grandson, and I get the embarrassment bit, I would feel the same. Why don’t you explain the situation to her but rather than get a replacement cheque, take her for a lovely afternoon tea somewhere posh. You will have that memory for ever. Priceless.
  • chocaholicschocaholics Forumite
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    I would never even think to cash a cheque, whether correctly or incorrectly written, from my grannie aged 90 plus with very little money. Never. Keep it as a lovely memory of your grannie when she is no longer here. 
  • JayDJayD Forumite
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    Of course you should ask her to replace the cheque. I am sure you can find a way of thanking her very much for it and then explaining why you were unable to cash it. I doubt she will mind writing you a new at all - especially if you give her the original one back. If done correctly, you will both be able to laugh about it too.
  • lauran1902lauran1902 Forumite
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    Your grandmother has a tax allowance to give away a certain amount to family each year without any inheritance tax or other tax implications.  Her gift to you may be part of that (even if she is not aware of it).  She clearly wants you to have the money.  Just say, 'Gran, I made a mistake and put the wrong name on this to cash it.  Do you think you could just reissue this and I'll give you this one back?  Thanks.  Love you loads'.  Easy.
  • sophier84sophier84 Forumite
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    If your Gran hasn't got much money just don't say anything I'm sure she won't notice. My nan didn't  notice and she always wrote the check out wrong.
  • primrose_penguinprimrose_penguin Forumite
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    I'm a gran, not 90 yet but I would notice if a cheque I had given had not been cashed, and I would be very upset if my Grandson could not come to me and say 'Thanks so much Gran for your generous birthday cheque but unfortunately the bank won't accept it because they don't know your nickname for me and need my full name on the cheque' I am sure she will happily write another cheque, don't forget to give her the original one back, together with a hug and a kiss, that is worth more than any money :)
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