Money Moral Dilemma: Should I ask my gran for a new birthday cheque?

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My gran very kindly gave me a cheque for £100 for my birthday, but made it out to my nickname, so the bank won't accept it. My gran is in her nineties and doesn't have a lot of money, but is always excited to give her grandchildren what she can as presents. Should I ask her for a new cheque or just leave it, and hope she doesn't notice that I didn't cash it?

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  • Grumpy_chap
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    Gran will surely notice if the cheque is not cashed and will also want to know what the grandchild used the money for. 

    Grandchild cannot simply say "I got X" but never cash the cheque as Gran is very likely more "with it" than grandchild gives credit for - particularly when it comes to money, even more so if there is not a lot of money spare.

    Grandchild has no option other than to mention it to Gran, probably when next visiting.  Make it humorous and express sincere gratitude for the generous gift but that the bank don't work with nicknames, how funny is that?

  • Jopo1
    Jopo1 Forumite Posts: 31
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    Just mention it to her next time you see her.  I'm sure she'd be mortified to think you couldn't cash it and will be more than happy to write a new one!
  • SteveSi
    SteveSi Forumite Posts: 21
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    Take the cheque to a pawn shop that cashes cheques. They charge around 10pc I think but it will save you embarrassment.
  • Groom
    Groom Forumite Posts: 51
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    Yes you need to mention it to her before she asks you why you haven't cashed it. Make a joke of it and just say the banks are really strict and will only accept it if it has your proper name. It's not as if you are asking her for money, she's already give it to you as a gift and would probably be quite upset if she realises you haven't been able to spend it. 
  • someone
    someone Forumite Posts: 820
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    Just try and deposit it via mobile deposit. The cheque was genuinely made out to you and if queried after depositing it's simple to explain.

  • Marcon
    Marcon Forumite Posts: 9,163
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    REJP said:
    It goes this way.  "Hello Gran, thank you for my birthday cheque, but did you know I can't cash it because it has the wrong name on.  Please will you cancel this one and change it for a new one?  Thank you Gran, love you....."
    i doubt if she will be embarrassed, probably will laugh about it.

    If you avoid the use of the word 'wrong', but say the bank needs your formal name rather than [whatever your nickname is]/what a fuss these banks make, that should minimise any upset - always assuming there is any to avoid.
    Googling on your question might have been both quicker and easier, if you're only after simple facts rather than opinions!  
  • bsms1147
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    Legally change your name to your nickname then pay it in. Sorted.
  • iyhr
    iyhr Forumite Posts: 15
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    What a caring Grandson you are. No wonder your Gran wanted you to have £100 to celebrate your Birthday. Do you see her, or could you and take the cheque? Maybe you could tell her you've seen ??? that you'd really like to get but the bank (as above) need ?????(your name) on the cheque to cash it.
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