What have you found in the pockets and compartments of charity shop purchases?

On the back of chirpycheaps's comment about the used plasters and old tissues they found in a handbag they bought from a charity shop, I wondered:

What sort of things have you found in the pockets and compartments of things you've bought from a charity shop? Or inside things you've received as a hand-me-down?


  • joedenise
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    Quite recently a disposable face covering in some trousers!

  • Beeny03
    I brought a small sofa for a space I had in my sitting room which has now been occupied by the dogs!!! 
    When I was cleaning it down the back of it I found £6.70 in change. Totally expected nothing other than crumbs and fluff so this was quite a change pardon the pun:)
  • Pollycat
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    I found 1 x £10 note and 1 x £20 note in the pocket of a coat I was trying on.

    I bought the coat and slipped the £30 into the collecting tin on the counter.

    Lots of jackets & coats seem to have tissues in the pocket.

    I bought a sheepskin coat from a charity shop and it had a complimentary brush with the name of the company (Nurseys) on it.
  • Mnoee
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    I helped in one for a while pricing clothes and found a tenner twice. Put in the tin, obviously. What's weird is that the shop was a cancer research 'superstore' - where all the stock was £1/2/3 etc and mostly items that hadn't sold in other shops at a normal price. So those tenners had managed to not be found by the person who priced it initially, or any shoppers! 
  • Pennylane
    Pennylane Posts: 2,707 Forumite
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    I volunteered in a charity shop for many years. We used to find hankies, sealed (thankfully) condoms, hair grips, plasters, coins, appointment cards, pills  etc.

    As a customer elsewhere in more recent years I bought a backpack for £3 and in one of the many pockets found £10 note.  
  • Sapindus
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    I bought a kids "shopping game" from a nearly new sale and some of the money was real.

    And not quite the same but I had a second hand Lada (honestly, if they had charity shops for cars it would have been in one) which I eventually sold on and the new owners rang me to ask if I'd lost some jewellery because they'd found some under the boot carpet.  I couldn't think if I'd lost any so flannelled a bit and they saw through me and didn't bring it round to find out!
  • parmavioletuk
    I recently found an old £5 note tucked inside the case of a CD I bought. I'm hoping to get to a bank soon so I can swap it for a new note.
  • RobM99
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    Bought a small suitcase and inside it was - another smaller suitcase!
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  • kimwp
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    I bought two sofas off gumtree seven years ago and recently found out that if I lean on the back of the base while vacuuming under the cushions, it opens up right to the back of the sofa. I found a pencil, a chocolate coin, a rubber band and some bits of Lego. 
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  • PaulBrighton2021
    Clearing out some stored stuff for sale / bin / charity shop, i found an unopened pack of hubba bubba gum, in my old school blazer!
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