From £6000 ----> £9000 in 2023.



  • Skint_yet_Again
    Wishing you luck in the lifestyle change and change of career. Aim for the dream. All sounds great so far 🤗
    0% credit card £1360 & 0% Car Loan £7500 ~ paid in full JAN 2020 = NOW DEBT FREE 🤗
    House sale OCT 2022 = NOW MORTGAGE FREE 🤗
    House purchase completed FEB 2023 🥳🍾 Left work. 🤗

    Retired at 55 & now living off the equity £10k a year (until pensions start at 60 & 67).

    Previous Savings diary

    Living off savings diary
  • NinjaSavingKat
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    Hello All - @Skint_yet_Again.. thank you for your encouragement. Sometimes I stop and think this is a bad thing - leaving a reasonably secure job. However I have thought about this long and hard. Friends and parents are encouraging. So we shall keep going. I am also very excited for the next step and thoroughly bored with my current work. 

    I am going to sit and work out a further strategy to earn more money. I want to add to the savings - even if its £20 a week. 

    I have lowered my pension to the basics and have bought some basics off the back of the increased available funds. Need to rethink where its going. Little things add up. I watch shows on scrimping for motivation. I will be doing a massive batch coo today to prep for the week. 

    Lots of vegetables ripened. Will be prepping food stuffs for the week so I don't have to think about it. 

    • £1000 saved thus far for Sweden. I will pay the next Euro instalment when I have 1800 Euro / £1600  available. Bring my total paid to 3000Euro and leaving 3500 Euro / £3000 left. Phew.
    • £67 and a  few pennies interest earned on the £6000. Would like to leave it all there and potentially add to it. 
    • £275 earned from the second job bringing car savings up to £420. Will be £525 next week, will buy parts required and book for windscreen replacement. Won't be claiming on insurance as it will affect NCB. That will be £380 gone with brake plates.
    Slowly slowly moving forward. 

    I usually have £48 disposable income each week. It was £25 but since I reduced the pension pot contribution I have a little more. 

    Would you class this as a lot?

    A view into my scrimping mindset....

    I bought two cosmetic items this week. One item usually lasts 8 months so I don't mind forking out a bit (Charlotte Tilbury Compact). The other is a moisturiser my body doesn't itch with and its an incentive luxury item to make me start using the gym showers and work showers to save my mothers heating bill...;-).. They were both 20% off, I also had £10 credit and used a cash back website and got £5.54 back. They were also late in being delivered so I got a £5 credit which I might use on Black Friday. Still cost £58 mind you - so I skipped a food shop this week. 

    Does anyone else do this?  I refuse to use my credit card if I can. Its at £0 and needs to stay like that. 

    So my Dad is with me this week. He donated towards a small shop on Friday with a little spare - as we have pizza on Friday nights. I need to prep lunches/dinners for him as he is a little useless in the kitchen and work suitable lunches and dinner for myself. 

     I have a rogue £5.35 in my account which will be for bananas and orange juice. Everything else can be made or taken from the garden. 

    That should do for this week - then next week I am on my own and will attempt to skip another shop... I like to see if I can get down to the bare bones of food now and then. Like a little test..;-)

    “Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent".
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