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The all new using what you have from your Freezer, Cupboard or Shed (Barn)



  • Cherryfudge
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    Pollie said:
    Cherryfudge--if you have no takers for the parsley, you could make parsley pesto and use with pasta or freeze for later use.
    I don't yet have any takers! I saw a recipe for walnut and parsley pesto and I do have walnuts to use up so that could work well. Do you know of a good recipe please?
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  • London_1
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    Morning chums Day 2 NSD today.I'm going to try and steer clear of shops as much as I can this month to help clear my tinned and freezer stuff

    From the freezer I retrieved a quarter of a large Steak & Mushroom pie that I bought and froze before Christmas as it was a large M&S one reduced to £1.40 ,probably because folk were  buying Xmas food :)
    I took it home and cut it into four, and wrapped and froze the quarters, I had a piece a couple of weeks ago and its jolly tasty, but I wouldn't have bought it at the full price, but at £1.40 it was a bargain and will have given me basic for four meals, I have broccoli and carrots and mash to add to it all from the freezer so dinner is sorted.

    My slow cooker is on with three large skinned and deboned chicken thighs and two drumsticks making me some Chicken provencal meals to freeze later once cooked and cooled probably get at least 3-4 meals out of them as I have added peppers and mushrooms and an hour before finishing it I shall add a tin of diced potatoes from the tinned stock, Think I may add a tin of chickpeas as well to the mix to bulk it out a bit more and help use up the chickpea stash.

    Onwards and upwards chums 

       JackieO xxx
  • Pollie
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    Cherryfudge, this one gives both alternative ingredients and uses:
     6-Ingredient Walnut Parsley Pesto (5 Minutes & Easy!) - Key To My Lime
  • Cairnpapple
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    edited 3 April at 8:16AM
    I was holding off on making pea soup because I didn't have any carrots but then I remembered that I had a tin of carrots in the stockpile cupboard. So out: lots of frozen peas. In: spare lamb stock and hopefully a good number of pea soup portions later. 

    I still have a half lamb leg in the freezer because we ended up with more people that expected so had a whole leg on Easter. Think it will go in the slow cooker at the weekend with the lamb stock but I'm leaving them in the freezer for now in case we get distracted. 
  • Wraithlady
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    Not really been clearing spaces in my food cupboards/freezer recently.

    In: 10 simnel muffins (the recipe made 14, and we each had 2 over Easter), 2 portions gammon stew, 1 cooked gammon joint, 7 packs curry spice mixes from a company we really like, 3 chutneys from Mr Vikki's (yes, the Chester Food Festival was visited), and the makings for granola turned up as well as 6 packets of flavoured corncakes.

    Out: Breaded fish, gammon steaks (for the gammon stew, so whether it counts, I don't know), chorizo for tomorrow, 2 slices of the turned-out-weird-but-tastes-ok chocolate cake for pud yesterday and half a loaf of HM bread.
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