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January 2022 Grocery Challenge

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    Final count after some last minute milk, vitamin and baby food purchases was £547.55 spend out of a target £575 for the month.  Definitely can do a bit better than this, but happy to be under budget.
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    Another £1.70 for milk, it's gone up again at farmfoods. £2 for two bottle now, (before staff discount). So total for January, and the year so far, is £165.17/£2640. Not too bad at all. This is for most meals for eight of us, (5 adults, 3 children) plus visitors. Also all house hold stuff, soap powder, toilet roll etc. All three freezers are still full and we have lots of vegetables, and all the cupboards are full. Lets see how we do next month. Hugs to all, mumtoomany.xx
    £165 for a month is amazing, even with a staff discount. I went way over for 2 of us. People like you are an inspiration. Please keep posting. I know that I can get my shopping bill lower.
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    Thanks, @Soontobeoap. We only have staff discount for stuff bought at farmfoods, mostly butter, milk, cheese and chicken. I've got huge stores at home. Last year taking DD3 to and from work, several times a week, meant more opportunities to grab some bargains. We grow a lot of our own veg, (have a polytunnel) and grow our own eggs, sometimes chicken, mutton/lamb and often pork. Home grown meat is not necessarily cheaper when you have to transport it an hours drive to the abattoir, pay for slaughter and butchering, and then drive same distance to collect the meat. Good to know where it's come from though. No spends yet this month, hugs to all, mumtoomany.xx
    Frugal Living Challenge 2023.
    Trying to live on only £2640 for the year for most meals for seven people. Now only feeding, mostly, two. New total £1860.
    Spent so far: £966.47/£1860.
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