January 2022 Grocery Challenge



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    Good morning All

    I’m about 40 posts behind, so apologies if I’ve missed anything.  (I will attempt to catch up after I write this post.)

    I’ve got 4 shops to declare.  Did I mention early last week that we would be away for a few days?  We went to Norfolk.  Well, I spent £1.20 in MrT’s last Sunday on snacks to nibble on the way home.

    This week, both DH and I did separate shops in different L!dl on Thursday, which we needed to get two more £10 stamps to fill a stamp card in their latest promotion.  After an appointment, I went to the one in our local market town and spent £16.90 on YS lamb mince 500g (£2.79), Salmon en Croute £3.99, Cheddar £3.69, Breaded Camembert 2x£2.49 and cooking bacon £1.45.   DH went to our local branch and spent £14.58 on a YS rump roast £6.99, YS Frying Steak £1.95, YS sausages 2x£1.04, YS creme brûlée 2x£1.04, Almond chocolate £1.49, mushrooms £1.40 and Oaties 59p, also utilising the £2-off voucher that we’d earned via L!dl Plus.  (My shop had crossed that threshold.) 

    On my way home, I filled up my car at our local MrT’s Petrol Station and popped into the shop to see if they had bargains. £1.65 spent on YS muffins 24p, YS bloomer 45p, and a bag of their mixed peppers 96p.  With the exception of bakery items, the Condemned Shelves were clear.  Just as well, really, because, at that point, I didn’t know DH had scored all that meat and we already had a full freezer.  At the checkout, I did see a gentleman with a basket full of YS meat items - lucky him.

    With the exception of the cooking bacon - dated 24th February - I managed to shoehorn all the meat into the freezer.  We had the Salmon on Croute for dinner on Thursday and the breaded Camembert yesterday, as part of DH’s birthday supper.  (His other treat was lobster, bought at L!dl over Christmas.  The L!dl frozen lobsters have a starter-quantity of meat on them and aren’t expensive.)

    Once everything was unpacked on Thursday and DH and I reimbursed from the GC purse for our shops, I tallied up our spends on my GC spreadsheet and counted up the contents of the GC purse.  There was a  £2.56 difference, which I’ll put down to a £2 coin and other shrapnel coins added to the coin-collection moneyboxes.  (£2 coins go in one for the Running Away Fund, 2p and 5p into a jar.)

    The above brings our total GC spend for January to £107.50/£141, leaving £33.50 for the rest of the month.  I’m not going to declare yet but there should be a reasonable sum to roll forward to February.


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    Morning all.

    Like others I’m a couple of pages of post behind as I had to spend quite a lot of yesterday travelling to and from a physiotherapy appointment in a distant city.

    But I hope everybody is doing well.

    I didn’t manage to make the community pantry yesterday as there was more work than time but I’m hoping to do my last drop of the month today.

    I top up and salads and fruit and veg every Saturday so there’s that to do and I’m also going into town where there is a zero waste shop so I’ll be picking up some nuts and seeds there.

    I’ll pop back later to update my figures but I’ll declare on the 31st as I run for the whole calendar month.
    Grocery Challenge
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