January 2022 Grocery Challenge



  • dreamingofmoney
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    I haven’t been able to keep up with what I have spent this month, but know I have gone waaaay over. I will keep on at it though until I get into the groove of it. I don’t post much but read every week, so thank you to all for your inspiration (off to think about a bulk fund, thanks Joedenise)
    Debt free date May 20. Now the Mortgage1 £53862.45/£ 0% starting daily interest £4.48/£
    Jan GC £400/£Out of the water Feb £400/£
  • joedenise
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    I haven’t been able to keep up with what I have spent this month, but know I have gone waaaay over. I will keep on at it though until I get into the groove of it. I don’t post much but read every week, so thank you to all for your inspiration (off to think about a bulk fund, thanks Joedenise)
    Have to admit it wasn't my idea!  I copied @PipneyJane.

  • rtandon27
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    rtandon27 said:
    rtandon27 said:
    rtandon27 said:
    First grocery spend of the new year - £102.44 on weekly grocery delivery - this includes pantry items we have run out of (sugar & rolled oats), vitamins, non-food household items (soap, toothpaste & ibuprofen) and all of our normal food for the weekly shop. (OH's wine & the monthly delivery fee come out of separate funds.)  Over the past couple of years we've fallen out of the habit of top-up shops & in-store shopping in general so fingers crossed, next spend should be in a week's time.

    Spent £102.44
    Budget left for month £397.56/£500
    Second week of the month - £133.15 spent in total - this includes a veg box, bulk buys (kitchen & loo rolls, long-life juice and milk  and ground coffee), more vitamins, non-food (bathtub drain unblocker & mould remover for window seals) and all normal weekly food purchases.  Happily we avoided any sort of top-up shop, so aiming for the next spend to be in a week's time.  Also contemplating reducing the fortnightly veg box to once a month with the remainder of our veg purchase shifted to weekly delivery.

    Total Spent £235.59
    Budget left for month £264.41/£500
    Third week of the month - £101.36 spent in total - this includes a weekly grocery shop with veg, food & nonfood, some iron tablets, almond milk top-up as it is on sale for 25% off and we consume this every week.  No top up shop and no veg box which I'll count as wins!  If next week's shop can be kept under £100 then January spends will be around £400 for the month so 20% less than projected!

    Total Spent £336.95
    Budget left for month £163.05/£500
    Fourth & last week of the month - we had a couple of unexpected additions to the groceries this week, some medicated skin cream & 'just in case' Sudafed for the medicine cabinet.  The total shop however was kept under £100 so January spends are 15% less than projected

    Total Spent £423.62
    Budget left for month £76.38/£500

    A bit a of a win, so aiming to reduce February's spend to £450

    [As an aside we had an emergency plumber out yesterday to repair a compression joint that had sprung a leak! - So £60 was reallocated to that expense from the groceries.]
    4 YEARS 10 MONTHS DEBT FREE!!! (24 OCT 2016)
    (With heartfelt thanks to those who have gone before us & their indubitable generosity.)
    ...and now I have a mortgage! (23 AUG 2021)
  • JingsMyBucket
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    Alright, I’ve finally faced the numbers. My tallies are £250.59 for all of January in the UK and roughly $330 for the time in New York. I was just able to wrangle the numbers out of Mr. Jings to account for his time in January alone before I arrived back here. The USD total also includes me stocking up on a lot of products I can’t buy in the UK. 

    Yes, I went over but I’m feeling okay about it. Oddly enough we’re finally running out of salt. I’ll buy some tomorrow but may just count it toward February at this point. We were just discussing next month and agreed to go with the £70/week boundary going forward. 
  • MissRikkiC
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    elbree said:
    So, I'm declaring this month at £171/£150. 

    I'm a but disappointed to be over of course but have learnt quite a bit in this first month. I underestimated the impact of a 5 weekend month and think from now on I'll adjust the budget based on how long the month is, I'm thinking £40 a weekend for food and cleaning stuff. 

    I also found it difficult not to be able to top up the fresh veg as much as I normally like to. I try to eat no carbs when 8yo is not here but this month ended up padding out my meals with couscous etc, health wise I don't feel as good on that kind of diet. So I want to be able to eat the range of fresh veg I like, hopefully this slightly more generous budget will help with that. I also make cold salady lunches for school and that was more difficult with less in the fridge/cupboard so I ended up eating more junk that I would normally.

    The monthly meal plan worked brilliantly, I enjoyed making it and 8yo loves it being written on the fridge. I found it took a lot of the mental load off my day knowing what we were eating (and that it was already made in the freezer or at least the ingredients were in). I'm definitely pushing on with that. I also made an effort to visit L!DL which is near my school but strangely hard to find the time to stop at. Will try and commit to an afternoon a fortnight to going after school. It is SUCH good value! (I realise I'm late to the party here! 🤦)

    Have still got £1.30 in my purse for milk tomorrow if needed but payday is on Monday and Feb challenge begins 🎉🎉

    I think it’s often hard to balance financials with other (equally) Important aspects. I would use the opportunity to figure out what healthier type stuff you could include in the lunch boxes which are filling but not as junk like. Homemade hummus pots with veg sticks maybe? Boiled eggs? Crackers with some grated cheese? Not sure how old the children are (maybe just the 8yo) so might not work as well but worth considering. 

    The same for yourself, (if not the above) I’m sure cauliflower rice can be a good bulking agent instead of bulgar, agains finely chopped veggies (cheaper ones like carrots and peas) for lower carb options.  Maybe check the carb content for things such as split peas and red lentils and opt for the lower carb option. 

    I love meal planning, I find it so satisfying especially when doing so from the fridge/freezer etc first, it really does help with mental load. 
    Here i am again.... Older but not any wiser!

    My Debt Free Diary - https://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/discussion/6275380/pay-for-the-future-and-not-the-past#latest
  • PipneyJane
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    Evening All

    I’m declaring at £122.50/£141.00, leaving £18.50 to roll forward to February.

    Two spends this weekend.  Dropped into Sainsbugs yesterday to pick up some of their plastic-free broccoli (68p for 1/2kg).  Also managed to score a YS bag of spinach for 69p.  £1.37 spent in total.

    Not sure if I’ve mentioned that my MIL broke her hip in November?  We went over today to restock her fridge. While in her local MrT’s, I bought a few things for us: large YS Finest Whole Chicken £1.38, a whole roast chicken for £1.25, £5 on flowers for my MIL and two £3 meal deals.  £13.63 spent.  The raw chicken will go into the slow cooker tomorrow, for dinner tomorrow night.  Pity I don’t have any available freezer space, because they had at least two more that I could have brought home and frozen.

    My sympathies @rtandon27 - we’ve been having our own plumbing issues this month.  The power shower over the bath has packed up, so I’ve resorted to having baths, and then bath’s hot tap broke up in my hand while I was turning it off on Thursday.  (It wouldn’t stop dripping.)  DH attempted to replace the tap head and innards this morning, but something went wrong and it would not turn off.  I suspect the new washer but we really don’t know.  Once he’d put it together, the innards categorically refused to be unscrewed so we can’t look.  DH did, eventually, manage to switch the tap into the off position, without the tap head on, when the water wasn’t running.  (It wouldn’t do that when the water was running or when the tap head was on.).   We have running water and heating, so all is not lost, and a friendly plumber who will come over later this week.  I’m going to a friend’s tomorrow evening to borrow her bathroom and wash my hair. 

    - Pip
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  • Hettyhound
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    I’m declaring January with £163.66 out of a budget of £160.  The bulk fund is pretty intact with only a fiver taken so that is still at £35.  Very happy with January 😁
    Grocery challenge SPC #023 SPC 12: £125.86[/COLOUR]:SPC 13: £214.98: SPC 14: £297.41 SPC 15: £237.27MFW #69 Mortgage start Dec 2015 £79,950; August 2023 £27,999 2023 OP £2,282.84/COLOR]/£3,000 MFiT T6 #3 £9,950/£25,500 (39.02%)
  • pamsdish
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    edited 31 January 2022 at 9:08AM
    £26.93 in A1d1 on Friday, got loads in stock so will try to shop little in Feb.
    Wrapping January over budget, hoping to pull it back through February.
    Do I need it or just want it.
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