The Great 'What to buy the person who has everything' Hunt



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    xbr5 wrote: »
    I have been buying Knorks for the people in my family with everything.
    I got quite excited there, only to discover we were talking about slightly different norks :D

    Cool idea though, I use my fork instead of a knife all the time so it'd be perfect for me :money:
  • KeanuFan wrote: »
    I have the perfect gift for the man who has everything............................. a woman who has nothing.

    :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: really made me smile...thanks :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:
    Grant me the serenity to accept the people I cannot change, the courage to change the one I can and the wisdom to know it's me"
  • If you are not worried too much about what you spend, have a look at the N-virosphere from Ideal World: current offer £54.98
    Great for anyone who smokes, has pets or just enjoys lovely smells.
  • Food and Drink normally work for most people, especially if you know their taste. My family all know that if stumped they cant go far wrong with a nice piece of cheese, jar of interesting pickle or bottle of single malt.


    For £24 you can adopt ROQUE from BORN FREE

    Adopt Roque for just £24 a year and help fund his daily food and care AND support big cat protection worldwide. You’ll get a great Gift Pack which includes
    Adoption gift pack
    • Personalised adoption certificate
    • Full-colour framed photo of YOUR animal
    • Adoption papers with YOUR animal’s story
    • Regular updates about YOUR animal
    • Window sticker
    • Born Free folder
    • Your adoption will last for one year
    There are probably less than 400 Sumatran Tigers left in the wild today.
    They are critically endangered and we desperately need your help today - to ensure their survival.
    The Sumatran Tiger Conservation Programme is the largest conservation programme for tigers in Indonesia and extremely active in the wild...we don't just talk about it...we do it!

    Sumatran Tigers need your help!
    Please help us in our fight to save the last of the Sumatran Tigers. Every penny you donate goes towards directly to active conservation, The Sumatran Tiger Trust does not spend any of your money on administration costs. These are all borne by South Lakes Wild Animal Park.
    100% of the money raised finances habitat preservation, community development programmes; anti-poaching patrols; park ranger training and the purchase of essential field equipment.

    Adopt A Wild Tiger
    And help ensure their survival
    A chance for you to become the proud foster parent of your very own Wild Sumatran Tiger.
    A Tiger like BUYUNG here

    Photographed by remote camera living freely in his natural habitat on Way Kambas National Park, Sumatra.
    Sumatran Tigers are the smallest sub-species, they are critically endangered with around 350 tigers left in the wild but for a minimum donation of £20 (Euro 30, $30 US ) you can help preserve not only their habitat, but their future.
    Every penny of your donation goes directly to the tiger projects we are supporting and helps us secure
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    Adoption Pack includes:

    Picture certificate to show your chosen tiger and your name

    That's about it because the trust uses every penny it can to go towards saving the tigers.
  • Hawkin's Bazaar - or there are shops springing up everywhere (we've EVEN got one in Cornwall now :j ) - fantastic for inspiration, but make sure you've got an hour or so free to look around and be all nostalgic (let's just say clockwork teeth, space hoppers and polystyrene gliders...). Prices from 25p upwards, with LOADS for under a fiver.

    My OH, Inspector Gadget Mk II, was in there ogling at that household essential, a pair of RC infrared combat helicopters that (it says) you can fly indoors or out. A bit steep at nearly 60 quid though so my mate Google and I found them for under £40 delivered! Just need to find hard hats for the cats now...
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    Many thanks for that tip - that's two stockings sorted. And love the vision of your hard hatted cats....:rotfl:
  • The_Old_Bag
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    Well I thought the National Trust membership was a great idea, so bought a few this year - only wish I knew for definite which family and friends are already members, then I would have got a few more:rolleyes: .
    I think a present which can be used for 365 days is lovely, as every time it is used I would think of the person giving the gift, and the thought behind it.
    In the past I have bought magazine subscriptions for nieces/god daughters etc which again means they are receiving a gift every week/month for a year.
    I have received 'pampering' treats ( and I certainly do not have everything already!!) and I thoroughly enjoyed them - the 'treatment' itself, plus the 'me-time'.
    Personnally one of my favorite gifts was a frame full of photos of my kids. They borrowed my camera, took the photos themselves, got them developed themselves, cut out the photos and framed it for me. The backing is a wallpaper sample, the edges are all rough and ready, the frame is a cheap clip-frame, but I love it.:D As the saying goes, it's the thought that counts.
  • Excellent

    I made the weekly email

    Does funky dance
  • How about desks for school children in Tanzania? Locally made, each one costs about £18. (Local labour like this would feed a family for a week). At the moment up to 6 kids have to squeeze onto a bench designed for three. The recipient can then always visit and would be warmly welcomed.

    Or how about a metal rail made from recycled materials to that the blind children don't have to struggle up a flight of stairs with no supports? Cost about £10.

    Ps: I'm not a money saving newbie just new to forums. I've been getting the brilliant weekly e-mail for ages.
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