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Toilet hygiene

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  • MalMonroeMalMonroe Forumite
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    parcival said:
    Anybody who buys Fabreze or many other nasty chemical based things to squirt into the air need head examined IMO.
    Valid, although not quite on point . . . 
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  • pogofishpogofish Forumite
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    Of course, all this could be easily solved by switching to a no-flush, composting toilet.
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    MalMonroe said:
    Tokmon said:
    GSDMum said:
    Know how you feel about adverts, at the moment there's one where a child is filmed actually INSIDE a farm machine, sitting on a moving conveyor belt with potatoes. 

    Kids act like a magnet to farm machinery with lethal or life changing results. Makes my blood boil and run cold at the same time.

    So you think everything on TV should only show people acting in a safe and realistic manner?. 

    If a child has access to farm machinery unsupervised and gets involved in an accident that isn't the fault of an unrealistic TV advert!.
    I'm with GSDMum here, yes. TV ads can be very influential for children. They may see an ad when they are watching TV alone, store up the info and then emulate the behaviour they see when they are able to. 

    Some TV ads may seem unrealistic to we adults but not to kids. 

    And if that mum thinks the ad is dangerous, then she has every right to complain. As do we all. That's how some ads have been banned. Remember all those ads for cigarettes and cigars? How many do you see now? They were removed because of the fear that they influenced people - children and adults. 

    It's not a crazy idea to complain about ads we think of as dangerous. At all. 

    I haven't seen the Ad in question but there are far more dangerous activities carried out in TV programs as part of the plot so if you start reporting adverts that show unsafe conditions then that would logically lead on to a large proportion of TV programs being considered far worse so what happens then?. Do you want the majority of TV programs banned?
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    oldagetraveller1oldagetraveller1 Forumite
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    "Oh, and I'm ALWAYS a lid down person,"

    As am I but it takes more than a squirt of Febreze when I forget to lift it!
  • briskbeatsbriskbeats Forumite
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    Teapot55 said:
    The matter is further complicated by the convention in workplace or public toilets: if you are about to go into a cubicle and the lid is down it often indicates that there’ll be a nasty surprise under it. 

    I don’t know about you, but I move swiftly on to another cubicle! 
    My work loos don’t have lids anymore.

    One colleague doesn’t flush after using toilet. I knew the concept of flushing after going when I was three.
  • knightstyleknightstyle Forumite
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    I remember in my youth..."If it's yellow let it mellow, if it's brown flush it down."
    We now have soft close lids that take an age to close so long after the flush.
  • General_GrantGeneral_Grant Forumite
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    j.p said:
    This doesn't seem entirely right…

    If I put the lid down before flushing, any splashes from the flush are going to end up on the lid.

    Then the next time I come to the toilet and have to sit on it, my back, or most probably the back of my shirt/sweater, etc, will brush against the lid.

    Had the lid been wiped clean between the previous flushing and the moment when I again sit on the toilet, that would be of no consequence, but if it hasn't, then I've got a problem: I wouldn't like to have that stuff adhering to my back or my clothes, then after I leave the toilet probably transfer onto my chair, etc. I'd rather the amount of dirt adhering to my clothes be minimal, so I don't have to worry about it.

    So I'd rather the spills had ended up on the bathroom floor as usual, where, had I stepped on them, so be it (nobody expects the sole of the feet to be clean), just not on the lid. Spills on the lid, if some part of me are going to touch later, are bad. And no way I'm going to lower the lid, then wipe it, everytime I flush the loo; that's way too much work.

    So I'm going to have to do the opposite and _lift_ the lid next time I flush, if it's down for some reason. After today's lesson, I don't want to leave it to chance.
    Only if you lean back.

    I'd estimate there's a good clearance between inside lid and back of human being if you sit upright.
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    Norman_CastleNorman_Castle Forumite
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    I like to check my produce has left the building when I flush. Soft close lids are like crematorium curtains.
  • greyteam1959greyteam1959 Forumite
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    I like to check my produce has left the building when I flush. Soft close lids are like crematorium curtains.
    Crematorium curtains !!

  • tempus_fugittempus_fugit Forumite
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    I always put the lid down before I flush in public toilets, and it is always just a pee I have done.
    Most public toilets I have ever been in don’t have lids, just a seat that has usually been peed on by the previous user.
    Retired at age 56 after having "light bulb moment" due to reading MSE and its forums. Have been converted to the "budget to zero" concept and use YNAB for all monthly budgeting and long term goals.
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