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Forum changes - the first sneak peek

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If you were a colour scheme, what would it be? Primary-colour cheer, like McDonald’s, or monochrome sleekness, like Apple? 
Following on the heels of Marcus’s announcement on Wednesday 9 June, we can reveal that a brand new Forum homepage and set of rules are going to be unveiled shortly. 
And today we can go a little further than that, and drop the news that the MSE Forum homepage will be garbed up in contrasting teal and coral. 

One of our in-house designers, MSE Noel, conjured up this colour palette swatch to give you a taste of what to expect.
This is the first of several ‘teasers’ we’ll be posting in the lead-up to the launch of the new homepage. We hope we’ve piqued your interest.
MSE Laura F


  • TheITBodTheITBod Forumite
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    Probably the last thing the forum needs is a change to the colour scheme.
    Is it changing really? Looks fairly similar to me...just a slight change to the pink end of the scale, non?
  • pate-ci0pate-ci0 Forumite
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    "a brand new Forum homepage and set of rules are going to be unveiled shortly"
    Personally not fussed about the Homepage as long as it is easy to find the relevant forum (for me just Competitions Time) but what is meant by "rules"? Member behaviour or functionality? As previous comments identify, getting the problems sorted for the Competitions Time users would go a long, long way to making MSE popular again. I would really be interested in statistics re. drop off (or increase) per Forum since the format changed over a year ago and overall percentage utilisation of each Forum. If the Competitions are the most active, that should be preserved or increased by fixing the problems there.
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    BluluBlulu Forumite
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    Thank you for the update

    Blu XXX
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  • MrRichTeaMrRichTea Forumite
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    Colour scheme? way to push even more loyal users aware from your site, some are hanging on by a thread, get your priorities in order.

  • BluluBlulu Forumite
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    I agree with cymruchris, thanks for saying that. I am frustrated, like so many here, with the forum issues, but I am also grateful that MSE are communicating with us about them. As for the colour scheme, to be honest, I would like it to be a nice Chelsea royal blue, pretty please, but I won't fight you over this one. I just want to add that we get a lot further with MSE customer services than with most of the big organisations. I just won a victory with Hermes. To shut me up, they ended up compensating me with £15. If they'd sent it as a cheque, I would've framed it, rather than cashed it. It was a nightmare. Anyone sane would've just let it drop. So, no offence meant to anyone for expressing what they feel, but it would be a shame if MSE feel that they are damned if they do and damned if they don't - if that makes sense.

    Blu XXX
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