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Quick ways to go green and save

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Quick ways to go green and save

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MSE_SarahMSE_Sarah MSE Staff
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MSE Staff

We've written a new guide - 26 quick ways to go green and save - and would love your feedback.

Please let us know if it was helpful and if there are any other tips you'd add.

Thanks for your help!

MSE Sarah

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  • daniellelou1sedaniellelou1se Forumite
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    A little tip I would like to add is boots’ recycling used toiletries for points scheme. If you scan and return 5 items you receive 500 advantage card points which I think is equivalent to £5. Its easy to use just not available in all stores. 

    I can’t post the link but if you google recycle at boots it comes up :) 
  • kaibloomkaibloom Forumite
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    I find keeping an old toothbrush helps to clean disposable razors, so they last for more shaves. Better to clean at end of shave, when blade is warm. Undue pressure on the blade is unnecessary, just a quick swish from side to side. It lasts a few times, so worth trying..
  • renewablejohnrenewablejohn Forumite
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    I find it dishonest for you to suggest the United Nations promotes Vegam and Vegetarian methods as a means for saving the planet. If you actually follow the link it is only references an ancient book which has been discredited in more up to date research. Rather than farmer bashing may I suggest a visit to "the farming forum" where much of this Vegan and Vegitarian nonsense is dispeled and the real facts are explained highlighting that UK farming is actually a positve part of the climate solution.
  • GranadaGranada Forumite
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    Convert a car to LPG. In some areas there are plentiful pumps still selling Green LPG rather than the awful Diesel, or slightly better Petrol. The Gov used to support going Green, but doesn't bother any longer with grants towards the costs. At half the price of Petrol it is a worthy savings too. But not, if you are to be rid of the car in less than three years' time. Banning all new, Petrol / Diesel cars is one thing, but it'll take many years for all the cars to be scrapped and swapped over to Battery power. In Europe, LPG is still plentiful, as they are Greener than us.
  • Nsky24Nsky24 Forumite
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    Buy reusable kitchen towel, with snaps great for average jobs, not for the very gross stuff.
    i have 10 just for me.
    not cheap, tho will pat fir themselves in time
  • treadlightlytreadlightly Forumite
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    Can't believe you've missed the OLIO app off your guide - food waste being one of the biggest sources of emissions. This app started off as a way of people offering food for free (edible food, eg past best before but not use by), and now has agreements for its Food Waste Heroes to collect surplus food from Costa, Tesco and Pret a Manger amongst others. It also expanded so that you can now list non-food items too, which has been great since charity shops have been closed for getting rid of things that are too low value to sell on eBay or Facebook but still have some useful life in them. No one is allowed to sell on Olio so it is all free!
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