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Now TV offers

My Now TV entertainment pass went up to £9.99, so I did the usual and tried cancelling expect them to give me an offer, but nope they just cancelled. Is there anyway to get a new Now TV entertainment pass at a good price now, as it seems like the old ways to get it cheap have all gone.


  • Neil_Jones
    Neil_Jones Posts: 8,995 Forumite
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    May be some old vouchers floating around but apart from that... no.  System is geared up for full price for at least one month and then maybe, just maybe, a discount after that.
  • KxMx
    KxMx Posts: 10,634 Forumite
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    edited 17 March 2021 at 12:44AM
    You may find an offer if you log in, click Now Membership and then Offers at the top.

    I cancelled recently when my deal came to an end (£5.99 pm) as the retention offer wasn't good enough (£5pm, don't recall duration) now being offered £4.99 a month for 6 months.
  • Marvel1
    Marvel1 Posts: 7,206 Forumite
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    edited 17 March 2021 at 6:01AM
    You just have to wait for an email with an offer.

    I'm paying £4.99 monthly for 6 months, expires June.

    I was hoping for the £100 a year black friday deal for entertainment and movies, but never happened.  So didn't renew at £9.99 for entertainment, I let movies go.
  • getmore4less
    getmore4less Posts: 46,882 Forumite
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    My £1.60pm ent offer from last year runs out next month 
    won't be renewing if no offer.

    I did get a movies offer for £5.99pm  Feb 

    they seem to come by email these days.

  • jon81uk
    jon81uk Posts: 3,790 Forumite
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    Thanks, I'll wait and see what I get offered when my current period ends in April. It does seem like with the rebranding to Now they are trying to go more upmarket and discount less.
  • [Deleted User]
    Nothing to do with going up market.

    They will look at all the data they are pulling in with regards to customer base, viewing habits, churn and overall costs and profit and make a decision based on that.

    Currently on my account I'm sitting with cinema pass for 5.99 and I cancelled my entertainment package but they have an offer sitting in my account for 4.99 if I want it for 6 months.  
  • pokora
    pokora Posts: 189 Forumite
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    Same here, offers around not good enough so I will cancel and wait until a new decent offer comes.
  • getmore4less
    getmore4less Posts: 46,882 Forumite
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    Just done a refresh as on my last month of £1.60 ent

    Might have made the mistake of putting credit on the account(Tesco points) as there was a suggestion that may be taken into account for offers.

    Just checked and the email for the last extension came twice in the 3  working days after last payment
    Last payment was take a few days ago and no renewal offer yet,  will give it another week  and think about cancelling in the 2 weeks left

    I can squeeze in the last 6 of S10 walking dead  not sure there is anything else I need it for 

    got 3 offers on the account all per month 6 month
    sport £25
    boost £1
    Movie £5.99

    Just need an ent offer now  and NOW can have some more money

  • getmore4less
    getmore4less Posts: 46,882 Forumite
    Name Dropper First Anniversary First Post I've helped Parliament

    Gave up waiting cancelled,  they tried £5 for 6 months (I guess I may owe them after a year at £1.60) but let it pass.

    They have a week to temp me. or I will let it slide,  summer is coming don't need as much TV and there is plenty on Amazon to keep me going.
  • PZ19
    PZ19 Posts: 474 Forumite
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    Got emailed an entertainment offer £4.99 for 6 months..don’t need it though but offers still out there
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