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Rescuemycar Car Breakdown Discussion

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Rescuemycar Car Breakdown Discussion

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This is a feedback thread on car breakdown provider:


Please share your experience with other MoneySavers. Click reply to take part:
  • Have you experienced problems?
  • How quick did they help?
  • Happy with the overall service?

The feedback comes as part of the Cheap Breakdown Cover guide.

Thank you,

MSE Tony


  • stephendpricestephendprice Forumite
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    I am coming up to renewal for 1st time. Until this wekend my experience was that they organised with good response for a local recovery agent to deal with issues I have had on 1 or 2 occasions over the year. This time our battery just went late on Thursday before the Bank Holiday. They came out in just over an hour, OK. Recharged the battery. Knowing it was Easter weekend, I was advised to run the car for 20 minutes and gave the car a 30 minute run, and to replace the battery asap. The following day the car would not start. When I asked rescue my car to take the car to a garage (only local) they refused on basis that they had been out for the same fault previously and I had not been to a garage to have the fault sorted in the intervening time. Had I been told that the battery recharge would be such that the car would not start again, I would have driven it to the garage there and then after they came on the Thursday night or got them to take it there which they would have done at the time. They now want to charge more than the annual cover to come out again even though they actually did not properly resolve the problem even temporarily really, given the timing and circumstance (over Easter weekend), and though the advice I was given was not complete.
    This is to the letter of their policy, so beware! They will not come out under the policy to put right bad advice re immediate need to take to garage what they have in my opinion done wrong!
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