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Hi folks,I have cancelled my tv licence via a phone call and haven't got any tv aerials connected,thay have been taped over with duct tape over the connections.Does anyone know what happens next,should I invite the inspector in so I can have a quiet life?I have a dumb tv but a firestick is connected to it,I haven't used the BBC i payer or even registered it,I don't watch anything live.I use amazon prime for tv,my mother is in the lounge in a hospital bed so would prefer them not to come in the home to be honest.

I don't watch any tv on my phone or desktop or laptop and haven't ever downloaded anything on those to enable me to do so,I wouldn't even know how to


  • I wouldn't bother - even if you get them off your back now, whats to stop them coming around again later to make sure you haven't changed your mind and decided to watch TV again?

    I just fill out the online declaration and leave it at that. I've had inspectors come around a few times, but always whilst I'm at work so they just left a card. Even then, they have no legal right to enter your home unless you invite them in so if they do come around you can just tell them to (politely) go away. They mostly rely on people being honest or accidentally dobbing themselves in. 
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    You may wish to listen to this, to find out what you can legally watch. Also, there was no need to do anything to your aeriel connection.

  • No more to do, just do not answer their question, as it is up to them to gather evidence that you are watching the live TV or the player! To enter your home, they need a warrant, and need to convince the beak that you are breaking the lkaw by watching liuve tv or their player.

    Sit back and enjoy the money they, as a £3,700,000,000 media organisation do not get!
  • Thanks folks,if they come round I'm just going to say I don't want you coming in as my mum is in bed in the lounge.I imagine they have spent more on the army of inspectors than it would have cost to let the over 75's keep their free licence
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    You don't need to say why you don't want to let them in.
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    Just say that they can't come in because you don't want to miss the start of 'Strictly' 
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    They will start by trying to get you to say your name, simply reply "Not interested!" and shut the door. 
    Someone please tell me what money is
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    Open the door and say the same as I do to any unsolicited callers, "Whatever you are selling, I'm not interested. Goodbye!"
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