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  • johojoho Forumite
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    There doesn't seem to be much going on with fixing the sorting of pages.

    I'm entering the advents. I clicked on one to check the current prize, didn't fancy it so clicked back and went back to a completely different page of advents to the one I started on even though it is page one.

    Pretty annoying.Who has time to go back and forth through 17 pages of advents? I thought working from page one was sufficient, that things wouldn't move page if I wasn't putting any sort requirements on them (like end date).

    The same happened yesterday. I closed the tab by mistake and couldn't remember what page of the 17 I was on. When I reopened the tab, and went to a page close to what I thought I was on, there was 2 or 3 advents that I had missed because they hadn't been on that page when I went through before.
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    I've had the same issue, the only way to ensure I have entered is I have kept a physical list with all the ones I want to enter. Which is frustrating and takes ages going back through the ones which have been skipped when not shown on the correct page.
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    I don't really use mse much but noticed there's a Thanks button instead of Compliment on Advent posts.
    What it really needs is previous thread / next thread buttons that'd stop all the clicking back & starting again. 
  • BluluBlulu Forumite
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    Sadly, it seems we are losing another long-term user, who has been brave enough to be open about it.

    I thought I would link to it here, as it seemed appropriate to make sure that MSE get to see this, as cornishpasty's reaction represents how many of us feel, and highlights why we have lost so many regulars.

    Blu  :'(
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