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     Are all those things on the display yours Dusty? I was gonna say thing in vases but I don't think I see a vase among them! Nice watering can btw :) 
    Now that I've filled my phone with weather apps I've decided to just go with the forecast off of CountryFile.
    The displays in the autumnal picture I posted are from a competitive arrangement challenge, and it looks as if that year vases were not allowed, so other containers were employed. I don't think any of them were by Mrs Dusty, but I agree, that brass watering can is a fine thing, so long as it's not me polishing it! :D
    The farmer we work with always goes by Country File. It seems to work....most of the time. o:)
     “Why do we need satire when we have reality?”  Zuby
  • If you’re thinking of lavender, I’ve got some from Lidl and B+M and the Lidl ones are far healthier. Bought about the same time, sat in the same conditions (on my little garden table, where it’s either sunny or rainy or nothingy). 2 big B+M’s cost the same as 3 wee Lidl’s 

    I can’t remember what the other 2 things are but they like the same conditions as the lavender so I hump my table round the garden so they all get the sun. They seem happy enough :) 
    In 1915, the lock millionaire Cecil Chubb bought his wife Stonehenge. She didn't like it, so in 1918 he gave it to the nation.
  • Campanula, that's what it is, now you've said that I remember it. Thanks 2p :) The Oracle has some in a huge old stone pot by her front door and it looks well. I also asked her about nut and fruit trees - good and bad news. Good news is there's plenty a few miles away in the public parks they created when they were throwing up council estates. Bad news is nobody with in any sense in their head would go to those parks :( They've got them all down there she said, and the parks were really beautiful. So I might have to plant my own... how long do these things take to grow? :lol:  I like the sound of your clematis collection, they must be some sight if they all flower together eh :blush: 

    The big lavender both have/had dead bits. It's not a very good photo now I look at it on here. One didn't want to give up it's dead looking stalks so I left it and now it's got more leaves round the base. The one on the left gives up it's dead easily but other than a couple of tall stalks I think it might be a goner. A bit of breeze can take them stalks out. Ah well. Now I've got a name for the little ones I can research them properly and see if they'd be happy out the front with my cyclamen (which are starting to look a bit unhealthy!) I don't know if they'd get too big there though. It's only a narrow strip and I don't want them getting so big I have trouble getting my car in.

    That's a beautiful creamy shade of orange Farway. Are dahlias edible? If ever there was a flower that would taste like apricot....  I took a pic of flowers in someone's front garden the other night cos I thought they looked like little ball dahlias. Quick point and click so it's not a great photo but they were lovely looking in real life. Pic in a min.

    Well the storm yesterday was an hour of rain, quite heavy in the middle but hardly a storm. Did you southerners get it worse? Desperate winds tonight apparently but it'll not start 'til late evening and mostly be overnight so I might get gardening today. Mind all I really seem to do is weeding... *sigh*
    In 1915, the lock millionaire Cecil Chubb bought his wife Stonehenge. She didn't like it, so in 1918 he gave it to the nation.
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