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Hermes, are they still bad?



  • Claddagh_NoirCladdagh_Noir Forumite
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    There are a nightmare courier.  A high street supplement supplier uses them as a courier.  I had a very bad experience pre-lockdown.  Hermes could not deliver my parcels because of a security issue, it was supplements, no anthrax!  It is virtually impossible to actually speak to someone at Hermes. I know someone who works there but he told he to go the depot - during lockdwown and depots are not open to the public.   I no longer shop with that company because of them using this courier. 

    How this courier are still in business, I will never know. 
  • I haven't had noticeable problems with Hermes but lots of problems with Amazon.  They seem to have become even more erratic recently so I suppose its due to one not so clever courier again.  Had the same as you on Monday, but with amazon, stating that a delivery had been taken by me.., but it hadn't and as no card it hasn't been attempted either.  I did have a problem last year with one amazon courier taking parcels to the wrong estate completely (and the property was empty, it was a retirement village and someone who lived there came and told me my parcels were there, it was one courier who couldn't read it seems).  So hoping this doesn't become a pattern again.
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    wymondhamwymondham Forumite
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    Everytime my son orders an iPhone from amazon that comes via Hermes it never arrives - always signed for but they can't share this info.... funny that!
  • badger09badger09 Forumite
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    Never had a problem with Hermes deliveries - as buyer, not seller. Our local delivery driver is lovely. Always friendly & stops for a chat if we both have time/inclination.
    Yodel, on the other hand..... :s
  • merseymersey Forumite
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    No problems at all,two deliveries in last week.
  • IvanOpinionIvanOpinion Forumite
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    Our Hermes driver is fantastic.  He gets to know his customers and what their preference is for parcels if they are out.  Even when something went missing he said he would look into it and came back later that day with it.  No complaints so far.
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  • SevenOfNineSevenOfNine Forumite
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    Sports Direct have been contacting Hermes, but Hermes INSIST the package was left inside our garden in a clear plastic box by our back door, claim they've spoken to the driver & he says that's where he left it, BUT they can't/won't show the photographic evidence of delivery - which is their OWN procedure for contactless signed for delivery.

    My bank have taken the transaction off hold & reversed it instead, fine if Sports Direct don't contest that, but I also part paid with a £12 credit note, so it seems I'm going to lose that bit. TBH such a piddling sum it's not worth bothering about, except the principle of non-delivery & to serve as a warning to me on method of payment on-line AND more specifically, Hermes delivery.  I no longer trust them.  Sports Direct should just reimburse me in full & claim their money back from Hermes, they have no proof of delivery because they did not deliver it, not here anyway!
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  • letsbehonestletsbehonest Forumite
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    I've been using Hermes on and off for a few years now and have never had any problems.
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  • carlycarly Forumite
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    Our Hermes courier is fantastic.   Now Yodel that's a whole new world of pain. Three out of my last five deliveries have been delivered to the wrong address ( a different address each time ). Parcels were all correctly and clearly addressed.
  • SevenOfNineSevenOfNine Forumite
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    Hermes can't supply delivery evidence because they don't have any. Sports Direct have 'closed' this complaint though non delivery is their responsibility. 'Which' have helped draft a suitable response using this:

    "Under the Consumer Rights Act and the Consumer Contracts Regulations, the goods remain your responsibility until they are received by me and I would request that you now make arrangements for the items to be delivered to me without delay and would request that you confirm that you will do this on receipt of this complaint.

    If you are unable to do so I will be entitled to consider our contract at an end and will expect you to refund me the full purchase price and any delivery charges".

    My lesson learnt is DO NOT pay for items using credit notes, CC only so chargeback or section 75 can be used. I'm thankful this isn't for any great sum, but that's not the point.  I'll try MSE Resolver next - because semi lockdown has given me lots of time to see this through.
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