Hermes, are they still bad?

Up until now, I've never had a problem with Hermes delivering parcels to me.

Tracking said delivery expected between 16:00 - 18:00. No delivery came, I assumed driver running late & finished for the night, but now there's an update saying "delivered 20:20, signed for by household". No, it has not been delivered & was not signed for. No-one has attempted delivery, I've been in the house.

Looked on-line to see signature because it's definitely NOT going to be mine or husbands but it says "signatures are not collected, coronavirus safe procedures" (or words to that effect).

Is their reputation still as bad as it once was?  I have no proof it was NOT delivered, though they technically have no proof it was. Does it sound like I'm going to lose £25 of stuff from Sports Direct.

Bit fed up really, these are jogging bottoms for a 93 yr old who has shrunk to a megre size 6, could do without the stress!
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    I have noticed this and the best I can explain it is that In our area Hermes seem to hand delivery over to another more local company.  That is the recorded time of delivery (possibly because Hermes have completed their bit).  The local company then delivers the actual parcel the following day.
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    Yes, I had something delivered a couple of months ago that disappeared into a black hole with Hermes and popped out a week later than expected. Tracking said it was sat in a depot in Hemel Hempstead for 7 days despite the sender having paid for next day delivery!
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  • I had a weird one with my superb Hermes deliverer this week. (I don't think it was all their issue) the lady courier round here is really consistant. Brought bargain discounted jeans last Saturday PM from a supermarket not selecting next day for delivery, so was kind of pretty stunned and thought it odd to wake Monday to a message saying we're delivering today, no way could my £7.50 jeans have got the express on Sunday! anyway instead of leaving safe (which has always been my experience) I ended up with a blank courier card. Come Tuesday the package was left safe which was much more like it...
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    Hermes are fine. They’re one of the biggest courier companies so you’re always going to get a small number of errors which lead to people claiming they are rubbish! 

    I’ve never had a problem with them. 
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    I had not had a problem until th last month.
    I  ordered an item from Amazon which was supposed to arrive 31 August.  Nope. Amazon noted delivery late and they wer checking.
    Hermes tracking showed item out for delivery 245 mils away from where I live. Amazon refunded payment and said I could reorder

    On 5  September I received an email saying it had been delivered to me one minute  earlier and left in outside porch. I do not have a porch and I was sitting 3 feet from the front door at the time- no delivery. But remember   it was shown already shown as delivered on 31 August.
     I contacted Hermes and was told a report had been passed to an agent to investigate . Heard nothing since.
    Amazon then asked me to return item or I would be charged. So, another chat with Amazon who agreed to cancel order and I did not need to pay.
    I   ordered a  similar item sold by Amazon and fulfilled by Amazon  but again it has been stuck in 'my local depot' since 5 September.
    I have have contacted Herms twice about it but again- 'an agent is investigating ' but no update or delivery.
    Delivery seems to have  completely broken down and tracking is rubbish.
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    It's disappointing after no problems for several deliveries.  Have 'logged' it with Hermes & I'll contact Sports Direct tomorrow. It was a signed for delivery & I see that though they don't do the signing bit for now, they are supposed to take a photo with the package inside your open front door instead, good luck with that because for sure it wasn't delivered here.

    The monetary value is low, it's the clothing I'm desperate for, poor shrunken old girl, so hard to find things that fit & still look like grown up clothes!

    Oh well, fingers crossed, thanks for replies.
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    I had problems with items I sold and sent via Hermes either being dumped outside properties or damaged in transit. A few weeks ago they lost a faulty item I was returning for a refund, and because I had been unable to lodge a claim with them within two weeks I lost out. I won't use them again, and I won't buy from people who use them either.

    Anyone thinking of using them would do well to watch the Joe Lycett/C4 film, where they caught Hermes selling truckloads of customers' correctly addressed packages at auction. That's probably where my 'lost' item ended up.

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    Don't forget it is the retailer who has the contract with the courier. The retailer has to ensure the goods get to you, its not up to you to chase Hermes.

    Although I don't have much faith in Sports Direct either.
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    Well, my two parcels turned up a 10 am today. The one that was showing out for delivery 240 miles away0 and was delivered twice according to Hermes- is a  but bashed but contents okay.
    Now to return them   to Amazon.  I wonder if they will have a more successful journey back.
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    I had a different parcel delivered today by Hermes, tracking info popped up only a few minutes before the van outside the house! 

    He knocked, popped parcel just inside our open door, took a photo of it there & off he went. Tracking updated as delivered WITH the photo (my husbands legs in the background) really quickly. 

    Jon81uk - very useful advice. Sports Direct said they'll escalate this "for me".  I've asked my card provider to suspend payment for the goods, & in the circumstances I'll leave supplier to sort Hermes out!
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