Ryanair Cash Refund

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Having had a Ryanair flight to Alicante cancelled back in late May, my friends and I are still waiting for our Cash refund.  I am in the process of logging a complaint with the DfT and I have contacted Ryanair once again in the last few days  Surely a 12+week wait is long enough to sort out a refund?  Can anyone with a similar experience please advise?


  • Yes I'm still waiting as well. Due to fly 6th May. Ryanair cancelled flight on 14th April. Applied for refund on 28th April and printed off a copy of the Refund Application Form. Original holiday was booked with Loveholidays. Ryanair asked to complete a Customer Verification Form which wanted a copy of Passport page, copy of original booking and a utility bill with address on. I have done all that. Today 27th August I have now received and email asking me if I want to redeem my refund for a voucher or proceed with a refund. Form asks for email address and original booking reference. Done this. Absolutely unbelievable!  Just feel like I am being messed around. I tell you what I will never fly with them again.
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    If you paid by credit card do a chargeback
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    I had mine cancelled on 27th May, requested a cash refund and still waiting. I’ve tried contacting through the link on the Ryanair website and never get a reply! When I log into the website it doesn’t even bring the booking up anymore as cancelled. Can anyone advise what I should do? 
  • PPL83 said:
    I had mine cancelled on 27th May, requested a cash refund and still waiting. I’ve tried contacting through the link on the Ryanair website and never get a reply! When I log into the website it doesn’t even bring the booking up anymore as cancelled. Can anyone advise what I should do? 
     I finally got their attention through Facebook messenger. You are talking to a bot but you get a response. I tried email, their web chat & phone Without joy. 
     Had the email saying they've refunded me about 2 weeks ago, just waiting on the payment now which can still take time according to others posts. 
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    Flight cancelled 8th May, advised in refund queue 8th June after declining the voucher....no refund as yet (2/9/20)!!
    Unable to contact, via FB, Twitter, own bot or email. 
    Its a joke, could apply from credit card but to be fair they should be refunding instead of me having to go through another refund process....

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    I have the same issue, flight cancelled June 2nd, still no refund. Communication with them is practically impossible. Anyone got any ideas how we can get a refund? I filled in the online forms months ago. Surley I dont need to do this again?
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    I have been waiting since May for a refund.
    May 12th email received from Ryanair informing us of our cancelled flights and given two options 1- request voucher, 2 - complete form in link and request refund. Refund requested should be received in 3 weeks - my god that was easy..............! What a naive little chickadee i was.
    May 26th email received from Ryanair with two options 1- accept the voucher 2- request refund. Hang on this must surely be an automated email they have sent to me as i have already requested a refund????? I will click the request refund link again just to check - no details available as booking has been cancelled - oh, they must already have my refund and be processing it like busy little bees who are definitely doing the right thing by their customers, look online to see refunds take 25 working days...............fast forward 4 months.......don't i feel like a tool.
    July..........where is my refund??? Can't call Ryanair, can't speak to an line chat advisor, can't email........maybe i can send smoke signals!!????? Oh, wait.....there is a lovely reassuring message on the website about how they are processing and refunding the sh*t out of everything and 90% of customers will be refunded blah blah - fine, I will wait another 25 working days......
    September........now i am loosing the will to live! Hold for 20 minutes to speak to an online adviser, only to be told they sent my voucher on the 26th May!!!!!! WTAF! arrrghhhhhhh!!! I told him i had not accepted a voucher, nor had i ever requested a voucher. He told me my payment will be processed in 3 weeks now that he has actioned it. Am I being really stupid to believe I will get my refund in three weeks??? Come back in three weeks time for the next episode of what total tools Ryanair are.
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    My flight with Ryanair was scheduled the 19th June but cancelled at the end of May. I followed all the Ryanair refund advice at the time, but was still without refund 2 months later. Having tried using the online chat tool multiple times (and failing), eventually on the 21st August I got through to someone via the live chat who acknowledged my voucher refusal and placed me in the refund queue advising I will receive my refund in 7-10 working days (even though I had done this via their automated method back in June). Refund was FINALLY received this morning. Do not give up people!
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    My May flight was cancelled and had email acknowledging I wanted a Cash Refund end of May with a followup sorry for the delay mid June.
    Went on Chat this morning and first told I had to verify ID as I had booked through Travel Agent - which I hadnt. Then that the email address used was for a travel agent - it isnt , they seem to accept I have my own personal domain and use "[email protected]####.co.uk" for travel. Then just apologised for delay and said I was still in Refund queue.
    So dont know whether email address has been holding things up or whether just the usual delay.
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    My 13th May flight to Alicante, returning on the 19th May was cancelled on the 27th March. I was offered vouchers on the 8th May but refused and this was acknowledged in an email from Ryanair on the 9th May.
    I got an email on 19th June to say they were working through the backlog.
    On the 19th August, I filled out a form on Tesco Finance as I had paid with my Tesco credit card to start chargeback proceedings. On the 9th September I received an email from Ryanair that the refund request had been processed and the flight and seat charges were refunded to my credit card on that date.
    I don't know whether this was because I started the chargeback or it just took that long for Ryanair to process it.
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