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20/21 Flu Jab

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I have phoned my local GP a couple of times recently regarding the latest flu vaccination. They say they have no idea when they will have it and they may not receive enough to cover needs. Looked on line and saw the Boots are taking bookings now so made a reservation for Sept, as over 65 it is free. Seems very strange that The GP practice cannot provide any solid info and at this time of year they normally have it on their website with the option to book. 
As a side note this year I am now eligible for the Shingles vaccination but again the GP seems to be clueless about when I would be able to come in and have it. Seem to blame the Covid situation.


  • sherambersheramber Forumite
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     My GP's get their supplies from a central hub so need to wait until they are sent them.
    Two years ago i was due the shingles  vax but my surgery got  the total of one vaccine.
    Last year   they got supplies of the shingle vax but limited supplies of the flu vaccine  at various intervals and had to prioritise  who got them until they had received their full compliment. Last year   there was a national shortage of the correct vaccine ,
    My surgery had 3 different vaccines for three different age groups.

    Boots may be booking on the assumption they will have adequate supplies and can allocate a set time to do them.
    GP surgeries have to fit doing them in with all other appointments  and remember  there are   restrictions on visiting the  surgery at present.
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    onwards&upwardsonwards&upwards Forumite
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    The government have massively increased the numbers of people who will be eligible for a free jab but haven't planned for the increased amount of vaccines needed. 

    Boots are taking bookings but I'm afraid there's no guarantee they'll have the stock on the day.

  • mjmal51mjmal51 Forumite
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    Boots are taking bookings but I'm afraid there's no guarantee they'll have the stock on the day. 

    Probably a good idea to book early then given the situation especially if GPs are not yet taking bookings.

  • Maisie_MooMaisie_Moo Forumite
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    Saw this thread and phoned the pharmacy where we usually get our jabs and got booked in for September so thanks mjmal51 for reminding me.
  • DPR87DPR87 Forumite
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    Ours are coming into stock in the final week of September (estimated). Couple of years ago there were some delays and shortages meaning some areas had a hit or miss supply. 
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  • milliemillie Forumite
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    Phoned my doctor on Friday 28th and got an appointment to have it done on Saturday 5th September. they hold special clinics just for the Flu jab on Saturdays in September.
  • keepcalmandstayoutofdebtkeepcalmandstayoutofdebt Forumite
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    Got booked with Lloyds for Oct as dreading it. First flu jab of many as diabetic.
    Could wait for doctors freebie but Dad say's might as well pay for it.  Lloyds haven't rejected the appointment yet fingers crossed. Tried in Feb after changing my mind after being diagnosed last xmas, but couldn't get it done for love nor money. 
    Diabetic nurse mentioned a separate pneumonia jab back in June but said it has to happen in the car park and was a lifetime one...........

  • DonnaLee59DonnaLee59 Forumite
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    Had mine done last time at my local Tesco pharmacy for convenience. But they don't seem to be taking bookings for them yet though. Might go somewhere else instead.
  • unforeseenunforeseen Forumite
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    I need to get mine in before 5th October otherwise it will conflict with other treatment
  • thepurplepixiethepurplepixie Forumite
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    I've booked mine for 16th September.  About the only straightforward contact I've had with them since covid.
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