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Bed doesn’t fit through house!

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Bed doesn’t fit through house!

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Kan2020Kan2020 Forumite
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We purchased a super king divan bed in early March from Furniture Village which they attempted to deliver last week.

The delivery drivers attempted to get the headboard upstairs first, which is a floor standing headboard and it did not fit at all. We spoke to furniture village who informed us that it’s our responsibility to take the measurements and ensure the product will fit through the house and also in the space it’s intended for. They didn’t attempt to try and get the divan bases or the mattress through the house and took everything back.

They then attempted delivery of the bases yesterday, and again they wouldn’t fit.

The issue is when we bought the bed, we explained to the sales assistant that we live in a town house and he said yup that’s fine, we deal with these houses all the time. Additionally, most divan beds have bases that go left to right, however, the bases for a super king size bed go from head to toe, which the sales assistant admitted he didn’t know.

We’ve paid a £240 deposit and purchased the bed on a finance plan. The contract says that if we were to ’reselect the order’ then the worst case scenario is that we’ll have to pay 25% (£625) which is a lot of money to lose out on.

The bed is brand new and everything is still in its packaging. The Sales Manager said it would still be deemed as ‘second hand’ and that they would make a loss on selling it. I can’t understand how it’s ‘second hand’ as the mattress for one hasn’t even left the delivery van, and they’ve attempted to get the headboard and one divan base up the stairs, all still within it’s packagaing.

We’re waiting for Furniture Village to give us a call but just wondered what our options could be and where we stand with this?



  • Kan2020Kan2020 Forumite
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    They should leave it outside and you should take it in. Its your fault it doesn't fit

    Why is it my fault? We took the measurements based on the bases being left to right rather than head to toe. Additionally it’s difficult to recreate a bed base going up and down your stairs without physically having it in hand, we aren’t able to recreate the turnings around the bannister or the difficult angles in which they would have to bring it in. There has to be a level of responsibility on the sales assistant who 1) assured us that their men are the best in the business and can get anything into any house and 2) who admitted that he didn’t know super king bases are the opposite to other sized bases.
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    Yes, lifting out a window is still done, i've done it for large sofas too.
    First, take responsibility .....
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    Robin9 said:
    I've known houses where windows have to be taken out to get furniture in.
    My grans bedroom window was taken out to get the coffin out.
    it is your responsibility to check items you order can be fitted up the stairs though I agree with you regarding the bed being second hand, if the plastic is still on the items and they have not left the van then surely the items were not delivered and are not second hand.

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    As you made it clear to the sales assistant that you lived in a town house and they said that was fine, then you have clearly taken steps to ascertain that the bed would fit. 

    They should have then informed you the dimensions of each piece as most general public would not have known how a super king divan fits together.

    This was an error on the sales assistant's behalf. 

    Could you not change the order to a slatted bed rather than a divan? Much easier to get up the stairs!!
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    Would've = Would HAVE (not 'of')

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    photome said:
    Does any one think Tony is back?
    It's a weekend so he gets to play. 
    This space for hire.
  • askeymaskeym Forumite
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    You'll need to knock down a wall which is easy enough with a sledgehammer, then brick it back up afterwards.
    I know Domestos kills 99% of germs, but I'm worried about the 1% that got away.
  • Kan2020Kan2020 Forumite
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    Robin9 said:
    I've known houses where windows have to be taken out to get furniture in.
    I didn’t realise how common this was, because the delivery driver had also suggested getting it through our first floor window! Will see if that’s an option
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