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BA flight cancelled - not answering the phone!

gurlxogurlxo Forumite
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I had a flight booked to Manchester which has been cancelled and I know I’m eligible for a refund because I’m not the one who cancelled it. The only thing is, they’re not answering the phone! It’s like they’re trying to avoid me so I’m not really sure how to go about getting my refund. I don’t really want a voucher as don’t have plans to fly with BA anytime soon and I booked a train to Manchester instead.


  • jimbo6977jimbo6977 Forumite
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    BA never answered the phone in the best of times. I spent a short period of my life working in a travel agency where my first task of the morning was to dial British Airways and leave the phone on speaker so that, in the unlikely situation that someone answered, my colleagues would be able to bombard the BA operative with bookings, amendments, requests, questions and who knows what else. 

    Go online.
  • greyteam1959greyteam1959 Forumite
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    If you paid by credit card do a chargeback.

  • jpsartrejpsartre Forumite
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    Try calling as soon as lines open, that sometimes makes it easier to get through. Have to say I can't recognise the experience posted above, I've called BA many times over the years (including twice in the last month) and while there's sometimes a queue I don't think I've ever waited more than 10 minutes to get through.
  • WestinWestin Forumite
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    Ditto. I had need to call them twice in May, expected a long wait but connected the first time I seem to recall in 7 minutes and the second time in under 3 minutes.  Both calls after lunchtime.

    Is a call necessary to obtain a refund? I thought the cancellation email gives instructions and a refund option available via the website.
  • BrowntoaBrowntoa Forumite, Board Guide
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    Flights booked direct or via an agency ? 
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  • ThefotomanThefotoman Forumite
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    Now that people can book flights to certain countries they are trying to use their vouchers which can only be done over the phone.  I've been trying to get through to them for the past 4 hours and every time being told that they cannot accept my call; I'm then cut off.  It's either total incompetence or they are doing it deliberately!
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