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Joyful July's NSD Challenge!



  • cathybird
    cathybird Posts: 13,731 Forumite
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    hi Birdee and killielila imageimage and welcome image I've added you to the list, best of luck with the challenge!
  • cathybird
    cathybird Posts: 13,731 Forumite
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    Well done all imageimageimage, what a great start to the month image
  • jammy_dodger
    jammy_dodger Posts: 1,925 Forumite
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    Good  evening
    really  gonna  cut  my   grocery  shop  down  and  continue   with inventive meals  and  using  what  i  have  in 
    like  many  others  want  to  avoid  unnecessary  mingling 
    checking  in  with  first NSD  of  the  month  :) lovely  tea  had  tonight  made  a  bubble  n   squeak  with  my   wonky  homegrown veg  and have plenty  for  a  few  meals, one  way  to  make a packet  of  bacon  stretch and  ive  made  stock  from  the  peeling  and  hard  bits  for  soup..  love  a  challenge  x
  • short_bird
    short_bird Posts: 3,719 Forumite
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    Day 1/18! Good luck all!
    Cancel the kitchen scraps for lepers and orphans, no more merciful beheadings, and call off Christmas.
  • ApricotPluto
    Good start, day 1 done! :smile:

    Bit easy when you work all day... next few days will be the test.

    I've got to buy some stuff for my mum/other people so need to be careful not to put anything in my basket for me.
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  • Honeysucklelou2
    Honeysucklelou2 Posts: 4,665 Forumite
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    Hi Cathybird- can I be put down for 11 NSDs please. I failed in June and seemed to struggle to get NSDs but geared up for a new month 🙂.
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  • beanielou
    beanielou Posts: 90,941 Ambassador
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    Today is no 2 
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  • Narola1976
    Narola1976 Posts: 529 Forumite
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    Yesterday was not a NSD as I had to buy medication. Wish I had waited until Saturday. Today will also not be a NSD as I really must buy DD’s learner driver insurance for my car. No point her paying for lessons if she doesn’t practice. 
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  • cathybird
    cathybird Posts: 13,731 Forumite
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    edited 2 July 2020 at 11:10AM

    Off to a start = image

    5 days = image

    10 days = image

    15 days = image

    20 days = image
    Target reached = image
    Target beaten = image

    July targets
    ApricotPluto 1/15 image
    Aspiration 1/15 image
    beanielou 2/15 image
    Birdee 1/15 image
    bloomfelt 20
    blue-eyed girl123
    cathybird 2/15 image
    delta13 16
    Doris17 1/22 image
    Honeysucklelou2 11
    jammy dodger 1/20 image
    killielila 15
    Money Choices 15
    Narola1976 20
    SSDD23 1/20 image
    short_bird 1/18 image
    SuperSavingD 15
    TrushTush 28
    Van_Girl 15


  • cathybird
    cathybird Posts: 13,731 Forumite
    First Post Name Dropper First Anniversary Photogenic
    Well done all imageimageimage It's 2/15 for me today image
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